How do you handle gossip groups at work who basically critisize everything and everyone?

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Those small-minded cliques exist everywhere, I only wish I could have all that time that they spend on gossiping. lol. 

Do not pay any attention to them..You just go about your daily chores at work and make sure you prove to them that you are better than them...If it is a positive critism then it is good but if it is a negative one, just let it go...always give them your smiling face everyday cos that is what I always do to my male / female co-workers.......At the end of the day then we will see who is better, you / me or them!!


y'leeiii a hawaiaan wave which is my middle finger pointed upward would be an appropriate response but I would not even give them the time of the day......avoid them at all costs and give them a wide berth whenever u see them. All your reasoning would never satisfy their negativity and I always like to think that their small mindedness shows exactly what they will achieve in life and their bitching and moaning shows what losers they are!!!


Doll!!!..let them talk all they want.....u carry on with ur life coz at the end of the day Its "Ur Life, Ur Decision, Ur Mistake, Ur Problem and No One's Business" 

Let me check what my  ‘Good Book’ says about gossipers …..

OK, this is what it says about them.... they are …

-          Liars, fools           Prov 10:18

-          Wicked, trouble makers, friendship destroyers Prov 16:28

-          Talk too much    Prov 20:19

-          Quarrelling instigators    Prov 26:20

-          Stubborn rebels, corrupt   Jer 6:28

-          Wicked, evil, greedy, jealous, murderers, deceitful,        Rom 1:29

What do you need to do…?

This is what the “Good Book” says also ….

Mark them that cause division and …… avoid them.         Rom 16:17

How do you avoid them?

The text above is talking about those who are causing divisions and offenses, and are doing things contrary to the teachings of the Good Book, the Word of God. In this case, the Gossipers are spreading/sharing untruths about “everything and anything” …… they are deceived and deluded, right?

What most people here are saying is what the Bible says …. Avoid them. But, how do we do that if we work at the same place?

The reason Paul is saying that we ought to avoid them is because avoiding them is part of the effort we take to keep ourselves from being deceived. We must especially avoid them in situations where they have the opportunity to influence our beliefs. That is also is true for Gossipers.

Now, if we should meet them on the street, a polite, social "hello" would be fine. Paul’s advice with regards to avoiding these “friendship destroyers” is that we should avoid getting into a conversation, argument, or discussion about doctrine, in this case whatever lies they talk about. We need to keep that away from ourselves because it is part of our effort to keep from being deceived. We should not let it even touch us, if we possibly can, because we are supposed to be keeping ourselves pure spiritually and physically. We especially do not want false ideas to get into our heads and begin doing their dangerous work.

They are only stoking their own desires. It is a symbol of a person doing something for his own gratification. They were deceiving to please themselves in some way. What they are gratifying in themselves could be anything.

At work, a couple of things you might do if one starts to gossip to you:

-          Don’t say anything – just let them finish and don’t say anything. They’ll quickly learn that you aren’t interested in gossiping

-          Tell the person – you can tell the person you’re not comfortable about talking about the particular subject. For example if someone is telling you about the latest rumour that your department is about to undergo staff cuts, you can say , “it’s a rumour. I don’t want to think about that until I know it’s true. I can handle whatever happens. It’s not worth worrying about things that may never happen.” Or if someone starts talking about someone else, you can say, “Let’s wait to discuss that until Joe can be here in person.”


Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.




Bula all, got this quote off the net..

Great people talk about ideas

Average people talk about things

Small people talk about other people

Cheers and enjoy the day..

Lol....Jokerr i thot toking about sum1 behind their back is known as gossip!!!

@ Mr.Joker, if that is read out to an audience like a speech then it will not be gossiping BUT to do it behind a persons' back...i gona na gossip.

I know it and had faced those so many times because of my brown skin color and my mentality in speaking out and making decisions .I managed to overcome all those by proving to them that we are all humans but the TALENT that we have is different.We just have to keep on working hard and be positive and have faith in whatever we are doing.

Sister UKoroi,

E 2 walega na mataqali information ena vuravura qo, edua e ka dina , ka dua eda bulia ga ( se lasutaka) me vakacacani kina na bula ni dua na tamata.

If you spread the truth ( factual bad info) about a person, I think that is gossip. But spreading b.s. info about a person to degrade his/her good reputation, then I see that as a real gossip !

Hey sister, I maybe wrong .........stay cool girl !




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