Could someone with knowledge on these denominations respond to this Man who is saying that The Seven Days Adventist. Jehovah Winesses and Mormon are cults?

What's a cult?

THE review of the Seventh-Day Adventist group was not totally accurate. What is a cult?

"For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached or you receive a different spirit which you have not received or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you bear this beautifully ... for such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ and no wonder for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore, it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their deeds." –– (2 Cor 11:13-15 (NASB). A cult, then, is a group of people polarised around someone's interpretation of the Bible and is characterised by major deviations from christianity relative to biblical doctrines of the christian faith, particularly the fact that God became man in Jesus Christ. Characteristics of cults include:

* New truth –– many cults promote the false idea that God has revealed something special to them.

* New interpretations of the Scriptures. Some cults make no claim to new truth or extra-biblical revelation but believe they alone can to interpret mysteries in the Bible.

* Non-biblical guidance –– some cults have sacred writings that supersedes the Bible.

* Another Jesus –– a characteristic found in all cults is false teaching about the person of Jesus Christ in the light of historical biblical christianity. The Jesus of the cults is always someone less than the Bible's eternal God who became flesh, lived here on earth and died for our sins. They all possess a denial of the biblical teaching on the deity of Jesus.

* Double-talk –– they say one thing publicly but believe something totally different. One, therefore, must be on the alert for organisations that advertise themselves as christians but whose internal teachings disagree with the Scriptures.

* Strong leadership –– cults are usually characterised by central figures who consider themselves messengers of God with unique access to him.

* Salvation by work –– one teaching that is totally absent from all cults is the gospel of the grace of God. It is belief in Jesus and "do this" or "follow that".

* False prophecy –– another feature of cults is they often promulgate false prophecy. Predictions of future events that do not come to pass. If something walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck it must be a duck.

If a group looks like a cult, sounds like a cult and has the characteristics of a cult, therefore one can conclude that the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormon church are cults.

Vuda Point

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Only thing we know...All these Churches, Jehovas witness, 7th day,and L.D.S...THey believe in a true and living God...
We dont see any Cult practice in them...Iko sa baci vakai New Methodist mai...Can You please Discuss another topic like current affairs or the situation in Fiji...WHAT ABOUT THE PRESIDENT OF FIJI THAT IS RETIRING 2MORROW....????...May be thats a GOOD topic in here, rather than churchers...kerekere sara vakalevu Basilio...vinaka
Actually Kona Bati I share the same sentiments as you. I am not a member of the above denominations but I would like someone from those denominations,to reply to his letter in todays FTs'.

Besides I am contiuosly irked by people who write about other denominations as he has done, but I do not have knowledge over these other denominations, hence my request to those who are familiar,

In regards to Iloilo resigning, he did that when he dissolved the constitution, he dissolved his own post on Good Friday, this year.....nothing new there...One wonders whether he knows what is going on anyway....but back to the topic eh?
Actually Ami,

I totally agree with you. The sentiments I would like this Dr Tobey Huff to know is what you actually have said. Now could someone who has authority and knowledge of these denominations please write in response to what he has said.

By the way Ami, please do not shoot the purveyor of this article (Moi) I would like someone to answer his article in the daily today. I have never viewed the LDS or others as cult. This guy Huff is saying it. Between you and me I just do not like expatriates coming into Fiji and telling everyone of their knowledge.
I just do not have depth of knowledge to give him the proper version of reply hence my request.

I agree with you but someone needs to put him in his place where his knowledge is deemed limited. Could someone please respond to his article in the Fiji Times? I get realy "p----d o-f when someone raises ignorant issues about my beliefs as you can imagine that I have responded to some articles about Catholicisim. So because I lack knowledge..I want someone to respond to this man and in future any other write-ups about any other denomination.

I had contact with ADRA or Seventh Day and they were the most professional outfit one can imagine. The discussions above emanated from an article or write-up about Seventh Day. This Dr Huff suggests it was not correct. So could someone please reply and correct him regarding todays FT?
I say just leave people alone to worship their God however they want, I am not a member of any of the above mentioned denominations or beliefs, I still believe in the same God as they do.

Every single person on this God's Green Earth is entitled to FREEDOM of CHOICE and FREEDOM OF WORSHIP, God given rights.

The same way if I don't put food on someone's table it is not my business to tell them how they should live their life.

Someone stealing from me, now thats a different story, I would then have every right to fight to defend whats mine, leave people ALONE to worship as the Spirit of God prompts them to, please!!

Vinaka Basilio for bringing this up for discussion, bless your heart and it is good to see you again, it's been a while my friend, loloma to the family!

"Treat yourself with love and respect and you will attract people who show you love and respect."
~~The Secret~~
Bula Kasanita,

I agree with your seniments. This Huff calls himself a Doc of what God only knows... has written an article in a public news rag, the Fiji Times today. It irks me, that no one will respond to him. I will defend any denomination regardless as long as it is of christ, and I want someone more knowledgable than me to answer the issues he has raised and I am hoping that someone will respond to him in the FT either tomorrow or the next day..Please..!Actually..I broke my tisbal tibia in Feb. .and it took me "out of circulation" for a while..I admit I missed the MTVVL family especialy my Tau Fanny. These issue will be deemed closed by today and I look forward to someone responding to his article...
I wouldn't worry about any other church or belief coz its their right to worship. Vacava me daru gumatua mada ga me daru kila na nodaru i cavacava.......... Na tawa mudu cava ena nomu........... Thats wats important for U now my friend, not dictating people what 2 do n where to go........ God Bless.
lily Fox.

Maybe you should write that to Dr Huff and respond to his article in todays FT.




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