Should the church be involved in politics?


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I have been thinking about this for sometime now... and your input may help not only myself but others also in understanding the role of the church in our society...
yes...they were the first two denominations to arrive... they had a major contribution in the development of leaders of our country...


e are living in a political world so church has the right to be involved because it will help and influence  members to make wise real world situation the same people who go to church the same people who tick during poll so why we stopping church and people in politics.If church members don't go to poll who will do that.....because every individuals belongs to a church. That's why Fiji is facing problems now because government is trying to do cleanup which only GOD can do that.There is a saying that "in every problem we solve we create more and more problems".

@ MT

I'm all for polling... I guess it's passive... but would being in the fore front of politics cause any backlash to the undertakings of the church?

..interesting to note that this discussion was posted in Oct 2011... read on the paper (FT) this week that the methodist church pastors will be barred from standing in the National Election...

Well Mr Wiliame I am a methodist and I think we are the most hated christian denomination of our country's leader during the present time.I don't have any answer to your topic of discussion.But it's only when our church leaders say things I think which is true which can hurt some people's feeling.Also they cannot accept it because due to their political or higher status they are holding at the moment.

politically speaking ... may be... but you're right, the truth can sometimes hurt,,, the approach can make a person or break a person...


If the "church" or any of its leaders are involved in politics there must be clear boundaries of how far or how much can it be involved. In some countries christians have their own party. In some countries the christians are represented in parliament by church leader such as Rev. Jesse Jackson (USA), Bishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa), Rev. Fred Nile (NSW, Australia), Rev. Akuila Yabaki (Fiji) just to name afew.


Clear boundaries must be established how much say the "church" has in the legislation and the parliament process in order to hold members of parliament to account based on christian values and ethics.


Noqu rai ga.





... or creating a ministry that can challenge the ethics of any government resolution..

This is a very difficult topic.Politics is different from what the church values.However whichever way they intergrate with each other remains to be seen.


Never !!. Churches and preachers have only one goal. And that is to spread the word of God. That also means seeing to the well being of her congregation, spiritually foremost and physically.

Mingling church and politics together tends to have an adverse effect on the church. Politics is a dirty dirty game. You cannot taint something that is already dirty !. You can only taint something that is clean. Think of the Catholic church and how much political influence it has had over the years. Now we see the "side effects" of this practice.

So it is best to leave church and politics separate.



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