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Oct 29, 2010 ... FIJI may have its first casino in the near future following Government's call for expressions of interest locally and abroad. ...


Here is a headline that I found disturbing. May we share our thoughts and feelings on this topic in a very loving and mature way?

I understand that we have to find ways to bring “money” to our nation, but before the final decision is made, I urge everyone involved to study, asses, weigh out the pros and cons on casino before taking the next
step. Can there be a survey conducted to the entire tourist that have already
been, those that are coming and plan to come to our nation, as to what draws
their decisions into choosing Fiji over any other place worldwide.

I believe that in order to be successful in business, one must have a “niche”, and I truly believe that Fiji’s niche is the laid back, peacefulness, friendliness of the people, the tropical climate to
name a few, versus, Las Vegas, her niche is the Casinos’, and my thoughts on
Casino in Fiji, is that, are we willing to tag on the name that Las Vegas is
known for also might the decisions are made in favor of a casino?

Please my fellow Fijian, let us keep our nation as beautifully peaceable as is, and let those who likes the casino continue to go to the places where there are many casinos.

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Oilei this casino to alleviate poverty will just create more poverty! I personally think that it should never be introduced to Fiji for it will create crimes,murders,drugs and such. Next thing we know, a strip club??Who knows. I say NO to casino, cegu!





Why not if it works than we should continue with it if it doesn't work than a big stop to it and also don't think that this casino's will be in every corner of the town,no no no it will be in places like Denarau and other big resorts where folks with money will go to not poor folks as you think and of course with tight security.Qo sega ni mai vaka ga na volitaki moli se maqo ena yasani gaunisala this is a big operation that will rake in big bucks.
As someone who works in the Tourism industry I say NO - Fiji is a destination selling relaxing getaways - honeymoons, weddings, romance etc........I do not believe that Casinos are good for the image of Fiji as a destination.

When we talk casino the first thought that comes to mind is Las Vegas - pole dancers, strip dancers, gambling machines etc...this spoils what we are trying to sell as a niche market....Suva is having it's own little problems of illegal gambling dens, covert prostitution rings run by our Chinese businessman......then there was that drug burst with madame whateverhername was....

Yeah strict security - when it comes to money and profits - rules are bent and broken................I say NO!!!!!!
Reapi whether you know it or not Casino's will boost the tourism industry to another level and it might give a better wages to the the workers and not only that it will bring in more jobs.Ok let's talk about the the Las Vegas saga.Fiji will never be like Las Vegas because there won't be any strippers around only machines,restuarant,bar i know i've been to big Casino's outside of Las Vegas where a single stripper cannot be found.BTW i still don't know how to play but i've been blessed with people i drive to the casino who wins and are so kind to give my their winning tickets.We have huge casinos at california but never by a town or city,you will never see a homeless or poor person going to a casino here firstly because of it's isolated location and the security is always tighter than tight.So when we talk about casino let's not asumed things or quickly jump into conclusion.
thank you jack - now I will copy here comments for made by frequent travellers and destination experts in regards to casinos in Fiji - this is from the Trip Advisor forum;

Oct 28, 2010, 9:19 PM
Destination Expert
for Matangi Island
Saw this on Fiji Times.

This would be the worst thing to put on the Fijian people. We live in a casino town, and I have had people working for me that lived in flop houses, so they could gamble their pay checks away.

The only people that win is the casino operators, and the state taxes.

I do not go to places that have casinos... A casino in a place like Fiji would be a turn-off.

posts: 92
reviews: 71. Re: Casino inn Fiji---NO
Oct 28, 2010, 10:25 PM
Totally agree...lets hope it doesn't go ahead. The last thing Fiji needs, and like you, we don't go on holiday to go to Casino's - would much rather spend my hard earned money on a longer holiday!

posts: 1,979
reviews: 122. Re: Casino inn Fiji---NO
Oct 28, 2010, 10:26 PM
I agree too. There are other places people can go if they want to go to a casino.........leave Fiji alone.

Nola :)

Kerikeri NZ
posts: 620
reviews: 13. Re: Casino inn Fiji---NO
Oct 29, 2010, 2:58 AM
Destination Expert
for Yasawa Islands
I agree too, it would be a very retrograde step.

posts: 3,422
reviews: 214. Re: Casino inn Fiji---NO
Oct 29, 2010, 3:53 AM
Destination Expert
for Rarotonga, Waiheke Island, Southern Cook Islands
Samoa is in the process now of passing legislation for casino operations, so you could suggest this nearby island as a suitable alternative instead.

posts: 1,058
reviews: 115. Re: Casino inn Fiji---NO
Oct 29, 2010, 4:15 AM
There's 3 small casinos in Port Vila, Vanuatu. I am not a casino lover, but went into two of them to have a look out of curiousity, there was hardly anyone in them!

Hope that happens if they establish one in Fiji, but many many more tourists go to Fiji than Vanuatu. Perhaps they'll put one at Denarau!
Fortunately for the majority like yourself Reapi and those who'd replied as they'd done, as exemplified in your attachment, who are allegedly frequent/repeat Fiji visitors/tourists, their angst is for nought, if one is to consider that even in Vegas, roughly 15% of their tourist market - gamble. All the other highlights or lowlights you'd mentioned in the categories of more passive holidaying activities acount for lesser percentages than the 15.

I concur with Jack, that it is solely for the tourists visiting Fiji, who can afford to enter the casino, play games as their chosen entertainment outlet for an evening or whatever the duration, rather than an outing to the local night spots or some touristic-garnered luau type event organised by the hotel. To further Jack's sharing, agreeing that not all casinos accomodate entertainment of the lewd variety, gamblers aren't much of alcoholics - in general.

The only err I see with the recent media blitzes on Fiji's first casino, is their comparative to Singapore. Singapore allows locals to gamble daily provided they pay an entry fee of $100 upon entry to weed out those they classify as "unable to afford to gamble." This to me, would be a likely problem, if it proves to be a fineprint clause in Fiji. Now, it wouldn't be so awful for Fiji citizens who are permanent residents abroad, when they return to Fiji and would be looking for alternative entertainment to the night spots. In Singapore, tourists are required to flash their passports upon entry. The positive is, casinos are lucrative monetarily and depending on the size, the workforce required to run it, will outpace many of Fiji's standing industries. Collectively, Fiji's exports amount to around $3.5billion if I'm not mistaken, comparatively to what one casino can generate, given the proper junket providers are secured, by either the casino operator or the country via Fiji's subsidiary promotion exit points for Tourism, like FVB. This is a business through the junket provder, whose job is to locate gamblers, put them on a plane and transport them to Fiji for the purpose of gambling, which will in no way, deter Fiji's regular tourist clientele, for the gaming tourist market will generally most likely be a completely fresh set of visitors. Singapore alone is expecting 12 million new visitors this year, for their 2 new casinos. If Fiji even gets a smidgeon of like tourists, the island-nation's casino would not be empty as highlighted by the Vanuatu poster.

Jack was also right in that gamblers tend to be very generous when they win. The general fear around casinos with "the people" from within its neighbourhood who'll need to work there, is that it is a minimum wage business, especially for those who work the tables. The money for workers centers around tokes and once Fiji's industry is more stabilised, a $1,000 per week for a card dealer wouldn't be unheard of, outside minimum wage.

For me personally, I'm more curious who gets to own Fiji's first casino.
Correction: [Source: Fiji Bureau of Stats] Fiji exports = $112.1M (2010), a humongous depreciation from 2006@1.2 billion.
amen to that Sereana
Fiji is indeed challenged as it has always been I agree Sereana@better ... own backyard lol

Each tourist's ideal Fiji will differ in how they define Fiji as you'd put it. To some Fiji is sun, sand and surf at an affordable price, for our part of the world (Pacific Islands). For others it might be, more towards the eco-touristic facets of Fiji, visiting the village, relatives in the rural areas and whatever historical fasinations draw them there. For one who'd utilised alot of our luxury touristic spots, what appealed to me was guaranteed privacy, rest and relaxation, favouring the boutique hotels over the commercial. For the average visiting tourists, who really knows what draws them to Fiji?

It has been a norm, that a good percentage are magnetised to Fiji for a visit for the opportunity for a better proximity to our men. They even blog about our men and besmirch Fijian women lol So apparently, our men have it going on Hahaha
That's very true and i cannot argue with you on that but there's no hotel in Fiji that does have a 24hrs entertainment programme for their guest so that's where a casino fits in.
You're right when you mentioned that these tourist have a better casino in their back yards but they also have a better beaches,beautiful weather like ours also and many more better features than Fiji.



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