Some people preach that "All Religions are True" despite the stark differences in what they teach and what they believe is TRUE. What is the TRUTH? Can anyone really say that all the different religious organisations preach/teach the same things but in a different way? Do they all lead to the same place?


Please share your thoughts ....

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Religious issues are always sensitive issues, but it is very frustrating when someone brings up a religious topic for discussion but cannot handle responses to it. This discussion is open to anyone who wishes to comment and put forward his/her opinion.

I am a Christian and I believe that all religious are NOT the same and ALL CANNOT BE TRUE.



Thank you Kerekere...


Yes I agree we co-exist right now, but do you think it will stay this way forever?

When you say, "life can be happier if we learn to have mutual respect of each other..", I say that will not always work. The Christian Bible emphasises the preaching and teaching of the Gospel and to evangelise the world, ie, to get unbelievers to accept the Lordship of Jesus and to get them to have a personal relationship with Him. We may have respect for each others beliefs, but do not expect Christians to just sit back and not bother their neighbours or attempt to get them to personally experience the saving grace of Jesus - that will be their (Christians) mission.

The Biblical doctrine regarding God is very clear and does not accept any other gods. If one is committed to the teachings of ones God, respect for other gods is non-existent. Sound harsh, but that is a fact of life.



Bula baraca  Jerex..plis correct If Im wrong..depends on a person's religion..for example we christians/muslims/jews I believe our main goal is to join the Lord Jesus Christ in HEAVEN to do that we (religions) do have our own methods to achieve that goal...where as for the other religions I really dont know what is their goal or to achieve (seseraurau tu beka ga e vuravura )..Kena levu Saka..wais..

Wais muslims do not belive in the second coming that we as christians are waiting for...and they do not also believe in the God we believe...their religion is mostly based on mohammed rather than God


Goodness Jerex, I think you just obsoleted your own discussion!!  lol....


Amazing isn't it how we humans of different walks of life, of different faiths and religions, we have been on this planet since the beginning of time.


CO-EXIST is all we humans have been doing this whole time and the human race has not died off yet, so we must be doing a great job co-existing as opposed to the obvious other extreme.


What would be the next question I wonder.  All I know is I believe in God and that is enough for me, I believe that everyone has a right to their own faith and/or belief, the right to practice their religion or the lack of it however they want to whenever and where ever they want. 

Freedom of worship ( free agency) I support your thoughts kasanita.

Sivo, that's all perspective, wide open to interpretation and relative! :))

Yes, in Fiji, the different religious groups have co-existed for many years but does that mean we accept each others religions. We co-exist because the government of the day allows that - freedom of religion and freedom of whatever else... that does not necessarily mean that we who claim to be Christians ought to sit on our laurels and be content with just simply going to church every Sunday and coming back home and have no conviction at all about what our "great commission" is all about.

Like you said, .... "All I know is I believe in God and that is enough for me, .." - that is your prerogative, but then the Bible (we both believe) says ... "Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter into the Kingdom of heaven. The only people that will enter into the Kingdom of God are those that do the will of my father in heaven." (Matt 7:21)

You see, the "Faith only" doctrine is a false teaching that uses a meaning for "faith" that is just opposite to the one that was used by the writers of the Bible when they spoke of faith that was pleasing to God. People who worshipped false gods, such as Baal and any others, did so out of faith but because their faith was not based on any legitimate proof that what they believed was really true, they were doomed.

Not only that, but unless a person actually carried out any actions relating to what they claimed to believe, they were hypocrites. To say, for example, that you have faith in Jesus as Lord and not do what he commands you to do, is pure vanity, or hypocrisy. True saving faith requires both the sincere intellectual acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus AND obedience to his will in every area of your life. Saving faith is both mental and physical and no one enters into a saved state until they have begun to obey the commandments of Jesus the first two of which are to "believe and be baptized (immersed in water) by the authority of Jesus." It is then, and only then, that the holy spirit enters you and identifies you to God as one of his faithful children.





Yeah!  I know Jerex, and there are Christians like me who don't even go to church every Sunday.  Do we still see the hand of God in our lives?

YES! :) vo ga qori me dua nomu matakau e vale mo sa

kerekere lai lotu Sigatabu eh....even Jesus went to the Synagogue on the Sabbath.

wow....amazing indeed!!!....why do Christians go to church on Sundays when Jesus went to the Synagogue on Sabbaths?....aren't Christians suppose to follow what Jesus did? 




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