Hi I am a Blake descendent and have found much to my surprise that there were Blake descendents living on Vanua Balavu. They all seem to descend from female Blakes, and were living about Lomaloma about 1890-1910.
They were sisters of my great grandmother Minnie Louisa Blake, who shifted to NZ about 1885. l am seeking more information about these people. Are you Blake related?
Other European family names were Vecsey, Meaney, Heavey, Hughes, Peckham. Even Ma'afu was married to a Blake girl - his 3rd wife. Can you help me?

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Hey you know more than me. never knew Sela or Ivy existed. I never knew the entire Lynch family existed until 2 years ago. We always thought Clara Cockayne Parsons died very early as a young kid!!! Now g you as a Tongan would find that dreadful. But that is Pakeha ways. As a family we never kept in touch.

Photos are posted on the Blakes, but especally on the Cockayne Web site. And I dont have a scanner any way. Who would want a photo of me any way? - think of your oldest male teacher, give him 1000 more wrinkles, cut off all his hair, tie a pillow about his waist, make him grumpy, and that is me!

Ok I told you about the 5 Cockayne kids From the original Thomas and Harriett Cockayne. Well John and Thomas, and Clara had two other sisters. Annie and Harriett Maria. They both married and went to North America.

Harriett Maria married here a guy Howard, and he went to Canada to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway, building the rail tracks through the Rockies Mountains.
They retired to live in Vancouver, but as they had no kids, that line died out! We know a little bit about them, because their tiny inheritance went to one of Clara Lynch's daughters.

Annie married a guy - may be Toogood / Towbridge, To...... The last any one heard, her husband was killed during the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906. They had a son, who was aged about 12 at the time and he had a crippled leg. We lost track of theim.

Do you like History? There is a Museum up north here called the Kauri Museum. It is at the tiny town of Matakohe on the Kaipara Harbour. If your family would like to bring you up, I could show you around the area where the family came from.

Thet lived at the nearby town town of Paparoa. he parents returned to the family farm t Paparoa. I can even show your family the land they owned. The family blacksmith shop where Frederick James once worked for a while is still standing. The boarding house where Mini Blake Parsons took in boarders, where Fred had to chop wood, peel potatoes, set the table, and cook breakfast is there. And there are photos of the family in the Museum. You would get some great ideas of what life was like back then.

Have you been to Tonga? Because if so there is still knowledge of where Mini Blake grew up in Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu. I visited there in 1980 with my mother and the memory they have of Mini Blake was very strong. There are still a lot of people in the Blake family who are called Mini after her.

I was told one story of how Minie went back to Tonga in 1936 after her first husband died. Her great neice was born while she was there. Mini told them she was going to take the kid back to New Zealand and bring it up as her own child. She was 76 at the time. The father broke all Tongan protocol and said, "no way, you are too old." Mini was heart broken. burt as she lived to age 98, and cared for Tongan kids during the school holidays during the 1950's she could have done it. What do you reckon?

Sorry I never met Fred, and I dont even know if I ever met any of his kids in NZ. But they are still around I believe. His NZ wife was Jane Maria Dickman. They had three children in NZ, named Delsie, Blake, and Lionel. Blake Parsons must have lived in Apia, Samoa because one of his children came to live at Paparoa with Freds parents, to go to primary school about 1924! I bet he had to cook, chop wood, do the dishes in the boarding house also.

You have Blake extended whanau living in Samoa as well as in Fiji. A lot live in South Auckland. Besides Riechelmann and Blake, they have names like Stowers, Meredith, Anae, Green, Hughes, Crichton [the footballer Lockie Crichton] as well as Parsons.

Now please tell me? Are you interested in stories about the family? Or are you only interested in the family genealogy line alone? Otherwise I would bore you silly and drive you nuts. There is a lot on the Web sites!

Cheers, cuzzie!
I think Lu'isa only knew about Ivy, I don't think she knew about her half brothers and sisters that live here in New Zealand. I saw a picture of Mini on the Cockayne/Parsons website and Lu'isa kind of looks like her.

Im quite busy this year so I don't think I can go up north this year, Im going to Tonga in August then when I come back I have to go to Napier for my school soccer team National Championships and when i come back we have to learn dances for my mum's mum's family reunion in December. I'll ask my parents if we can visit the Museum up north. I'll contact you if we do, thanks.

I've been to Tonga a few times and I'm going there again in August for my dad's family reunion and grandma's 80th birthday. I didn't know about Mini til this year.

The family must be everywhere around the world! My father is related to the Green family, his great grandfather is James Henry Green but we don't know anything else about him because he travelled around the pacific islands and his children were left in the priests and nuns home(orphanage) and would visit them once in a while when he could.

I'm interested in the stories about the family aswell as the family genealogy. I haven't received an invite from the Blake website yet.
Hi Wenonah, Sure no problem. The invitation stands. Or your family can go there by themselves. The Matakohe museum staff are very knowledgeable. The Blake web site is slower to move.

I am writing the Family history. It is getting close to publication date now.

How well do you know your Pacific history? Mini Blake had lots of sisters. Through them there were a lot of famous relationships also.
Did you know about the relationship with the Tongan Royalty?
Did you know that the last King of Fiji was a Blake relative?
Did you know that Ratu Sir Kamasese Mara, past Prime Minister and also Governor General of Fiji was also a Blake descendant?
And some of the nobles in both Tonga and Samoa are related?

you can find out about it on the Cockayne Parsons Web site.
Do you know Bella Riechelmann's grand daughter Kerry Waalkens? She works in a hospital. And lives in Auckland.
She has some knowledge of that side of the family.

Uhh, I don't think our family knows her but I'll check.

hallow my bloodline --my name is Sione Lamipeti Nasilai, my mom 's Seinileva [ Lamipeti Maealiuaki Mafile'o]Nasilai

her dad  Finaulahi Lamipeti Maealiuaki Mafile'o and his dad was Lamipeti and Lamipeti  parent were Viliami Maealiuaki

Mafile'o and  Ma'ata Blake Maealiuaki Mafile'o and Ma'ata Blake were George Alexander Blake and Matelita Fusilangoia

Tangulu 'o Tefisi Vava'u, Tonga.

Hi Lamipeti,

or should I say cuzzie.   Sorry but I have been away on holiday.  I will not be back again till the end of January 2011.          Those people who you are descended from are famous names in Tonga. 


I have been trying to find out more about the religious exile of Ma'ata and Viliamu Maealiuaki to the island of Koru in Fiji from 1887 to 1890.   Do you know any thing?  I tried to google but only got academic stuff. 

1      Were they under armed guards" or did they have freedom to roam around? could they leave the island? 

2       Was Ma'afu from Lau  Archipelago in charge of them?  or protector of them?   Siale  Ma'afu was         married to a sister of Ma'ata Blake - that is Meletonga Blake - she was his third wife.

3      Were they able to visit others of the Blake family who were living in Fiji on Vanua Balavu? and at Lomaloma?

4      Are you able to tell me any thing about their married life? 

5      Where did Ma'ata live?   Was it an arranged marriage?  etc.   Were the Blake family that important?

5A    Because I understand that Ma'ata married again later.   Or did her first husband die before her?

6      I know Ma'ata went to secondary school in Sydney after about 1854 ... but which school?  

        She was apparently the only Blake child to  be educated overseas.  On each trip she went via Auckland.

7      I know Ma'ata was invited to visit her Blake grand parents in England,  to live with them and go to school there.  But she did not go.

8      A lot of clothes were brought back for the children when the Wesleyan Minister from Nei'afu on Vava'u  visited the Blake family in England, and brought back a lot of presents in a big case for the family in about 1857.  

9      Ma'ata's   youngest sister, and my great grandmother was Mini Blake.  She married in 1880 to an English man,  John Cockayne Parsons, at Nei'afu,  Vava'u,  and they shifted to New Zealand in 1886 with their one child,  Frederick Parsons.  They had 7 more children in NZ.  Most of their  families have lived in New Zealand ever since.

Cheers,    Don Goodall    

You might find it helpful to share some questions on the Yavusa Tonga forum. There are two very knowledgeable people who know both Fiji and Tongan family histories.

I know George Blake here in Tonga. He was once the Commissioner of Police and he is a very good friend.

I will pass on your forum topic to him.


Thank you Sione for your advice.  I did meet George Blake briefly in Tonga about 1980, on my only  visit.  I know so little and want  to find out  so much more.  I must admit I entered this site to find out about the family in Lau Archipelago. Cheers,  Don G

Hi Don I am a descendant of Meletonga Blake

 was he a Architect ? because that would be my uncle George named after george blake he has recently passed away last year I think the 20th of Janurary.

We are all descendants of Meletonga.

Cherrs :)

check more info on my Blog Post About the blake family.

Ofa lahi atu Mapili

The George Blake I met in Nuku'alofa in 1980 was very high up in the Tongan Police Force. 

I was introduced to him by Lepoi Tupou.    He said he was a grand child of Mini Louisa Blake.  He said when he was about 10-12 Mini taught him how to bargain at the markets, how to drive a horse and buggy cart, and how to brew beer. 

My email is dgoodall@clear.net.nz   Please tell me exactly how I can access your blog site.

I am a real beginner.  There are some really interesting  things I would like to discuss with you in private about Meletonga and Mini. 


Hi Cuzzie Sione,

Have you ben able to reach back further into the ancestry of Matelita Fusilangoia?  I would welcome any explanations you can make about our family tree, because I do not have a good understanding of Tongan status and protocols.  

It is my understanding that Matelita's father was a talking chief [matapule?]  for an important chief at Tu'anuku, Nei'afu in Vava'u.   

Mini also reckoned that her female ancestors on Matelita's side were related to King Tupou George 1, who was originally from Ha'apai I understand.  Then he conquered Vava'u Islands before taking on the Tongatapu chiefs.  

 And this is why Alexander Blake took on the name  George... as a mark of respect.  

And also it is why he shifted the Blake family from Vava'u to Tongatapu  about 1855. 


Sorry but i must show my ignorance here -

In the  name  after  Matelita Fusilangoia you say  "Tangulu".  Was she of the Tangulu family?  Or is this a title?

Tefisi,  was her father named Tefisi?   or does this mean she was from a place called Tefisi on Vava'u?  We thought they lived at Tu'anuku.  Or are they both places within Nei'afu town? 

Can you add any knowledge about our shared family?

  Can you confirm any of the above?


Cheers  Don Goodall  




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