Ni bula , Watching the news closely i noticed that Ben Ryan has been given land and a title of Ratu.. What do you fellow fijians think about it.. I just think its a bit over the top.. Ok if they give him a large sum of cash that would clearly sort him out and a house but land and Ratu i just think its a bit awkward..I mean there are fijians before him who participated in sports have fought in wars and taken the name of Fiji to far away lands and not even got a title or land.. Ok im happy for the gold medal..We were gonna get it anyway its our natural sports and we have proven in the past that we can do it.. I give credit to the guy for his coaching and all that but there are fijians still homeless etc..I dont know ..What do you guys..Forgive me if i may sound naive .. What do you guys think about it..Vinaka

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Maybe its time we send fijians to Universities to learn coaching and sports science about diet etc..rather than just giving away land and title everytime a foreign coach brings us a gold medal.. Ryan is very well off in UK .. All that money could get a fijian to uni and learn this things .. I mean we could still get the gold with or without Ben Ryan...Having a look at the medal tally in with top countries winnning hundreds of gold medals..Imagine if we had that amount of gold medals next olympics..Are all coaches of each going to get land and title and

Thats a good point to throw in the mix..Our ways of enjoying a traditional party gathering and how we express our happiness in the companion of other fijians from a particular province..

Well as a fijian i will say we give things from our heart.So if the people of Serua are doing this it's their decision so i will say go with the flow.

Fair enough..  

I believe Ben Ryan deserves all that based in his humble personality. The good book says "HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE THE LORD, AND HE WILL EXALT YOU" In our very eyes it would not look normal, but if we look deeper into what Mr Ben has reaped from the sacrifices he has make, I believe he deserves all the compliments. In other statements from the good book, it is said "WE WILL ALWAYS REAP WHAT WE SOW". There is no cunning ways to get all that people, if we look back when he started the journey with the Fiji 7s Team, he wasn't paid for quiet while from the FRU and had to pay the fuel for the transport to get them to training. I believe none of the coaches have done that. Add to that he reached down to the players welfare, fought for there contracts with the FRU, liaise with overseas clubs on their behalves ensuring they have better deals. I believe all that made the difference. Not only that, there are more untold stories of his sacrifice that has resulted on what the people of Serua has done.

To conclude, if one has to measure the kind of heart Mr Ben has, measure it by what the people of Serua has done for him.



Totoka kj

I tend to agree with JW. I wonder what the reward would have been for a local coach? Ben Ryan of course deserves much credit but he wasn't on the field. Ben is a good guy... perhaps he will muse on things and turn the land over to some worthy cause. The title "Ratu" is a bit harder to deal with.....awkward because to refuse is to insult the bestower.

Thanks for clearing that side of the debate joker..well done..You deserve a gold medal for that...And land as well hahaha...Land and Ratu in

Ben Ryan was the longest serving 7s coach in England.. The politics in the England Rugby Union forced him to resign.. From 2007 to 2013.. He achieved very little in that period of time..Thats six years in total.. ERU were not satisfied..He was well paid there..I mean this in pounds.. 4 months of no pay in Fiji is peanuts to him..A fijian coaches pay in a month is like his salary in a week.. Obviously he wanted to throw some sort of revenge against those who manouvered him out from the England coach position..

I just feel that if he really appreciated the warm welcome and the gift he has been given by the ppl of Fiji he should stay abit more..Maybe one more year.. He spent 6 years as England coach and only 3 half the time as Fiji coach .. He wouldnt even get a free land or a sir in England..David Beckham and most elite olympians are still on the considered list to be knighted..

And he has been given the highest order Fiji medal because of this..I mean really..Are we that flippin dunb to just give away things like that without analysing things properly..Youre just giving it away like sweets.. . I hope hes not just being oppurtunistic about Fiji to get his revenge against the ERU and dissappear exploiting our good hearts and our laid back attitude... I know for sure if Waisale Serevi coached the Fiji team we would still win the gold..Doubt it he would get land fronm Serua let alone a Ratu..

boy oh boy..oe J,W o tu mai vei when we were celebrating in the ANZ stadium..Cmon man yadra mai tukai its the Olympics'..what has been given to him was ALL in good and caring heart of the lako tikoga qoka na soli rewards and celebrations..what you should be caring now is how the FRU will defend the Series the Gold at the next Olympic and the upcoming 7s World Cup and Common Wealth Games...leave Ben Ryan alone, we are still in debt for putting Fiji up there..oh by the way have you ever give a saqa moli to help the boys and management for their prep to RIO ke warai galu sara Tukai... 

@Waiz Bogirua,

Dina, dina o iko Waiz guy, Sir Ryan has added more colour in our already colourful champagne rugby which makes us more proud in the International Rugby scene. Purrrrrrrrrrfect!  We have shown our real gesture of goodwill in offering whatever little gifts we can offer him. Sir Ryan like any of us is also human too, having similar needs we all have. He has a family, he needs to put food on the table, he will decide to have kids one day and settle down etc etc If he decides to move on to reach for greener pastures we shouldn't stop him and let him reaching for his dreams. For instance, Japan has offered a more lucrative deal Fiji cannot compete with. I mean, a US$3 to 4million contract is an opportunity too good to waste. I would waste no time and go for it folks! What else he needs to prove with our Fiji Sevens Rugby? He has achieved the highest pinnacle any successful coach would ever dream of.

Have a look at Gordon Tietjens record and compare it with Ben Ryan..22 years as NZ coach 10 world irb series titles.. and more..Ben Ryan only 3 as Fijian coach..Now that someone deserving of a Sir..
As Serevi said recently 80% of the game is already with the Fiji team alone..The other 20 % from the coach..So its the players who do most of the work..
It will only take a local Fiji team to win that gold its not that hard.. Many Fijian legends in Sevens from Serevi, the Raulunis came from Nasinu including Jerry Tuwai and Rawaca..
Ben Ryan just came to use the Fiji sevens team to boost his CV and go off knowing full well we were a great team anyway..As i said if he had some decency being given a large sum of cash,land and title atleast stay another year..The problem you dont know the mentality of an English person very well.. Im not dissing the guy..It just doesnt add up.. We could have a local coach and still win the flippin thing..Anyway thanks for contributing



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