I just read this a few minutes ago from the raw fiji news.Please my fellow country men,could someone clarify this.Or otherwise it's just a flying news.Please respond anyone to this discussion a.s.a.p.

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but the news on raw fiji news is dated july 13 2009
au kerea moni gole mada mai noda qai mai vakaraitaka na nomuni nanuma na wekaqu...vinaka
oh yes!!!!!!!!a big VINAKA VAKALEVU to u mr.Korodrau!!!!!!cets an excellent type ov mssg cet nids alot ov appreciation from ol corners ov ca earth...so dear children ov GOD ..lets shout it out.......AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what "book" you are referring to here, bro..but you can vote as much as you like, We the Fijians who know right from wrong, and want a freer future for our children, know that God's will, and the truth will always prevail.
Quoting you from above, baraca Sivo.." I as an ordinary citizen, vote against their arrest or any disturbances for that matter, any time now or sooner"

Amazing how you disregarded the "disturbances" of real stability and peace (through our legit Govt) and you are against the "disturbances of the usurpers.. If you really know the "depth" of that "book" you claim to know more about, then you should also know, that if it was "by the book" that Voreqe pushed his way into power. then it will be "by the book too" how he will be toppled out of power..which ever method that maybe. Neither you nor I, will know that my baraca.

While you choose to pray and forgive, and just sit around...others have chosen to pray and work their faith in speaking out the truth agaist injustices, human and civil rights violations and the likes.

You're right though.."he raises up kingdoms, he bring(s) down kingdoms"...BUT TO DO THAT, HE USES HIS ORDINARY "PEOPLE" LIKE YOU AND ME..
If I stood in front of a bus on the highway and waited for God to intervene, then that would mean I was testing the Lord.
We have free will, unlike animals and we are expected and in fact God demands that we use that free will to improve out lot in life.
Praying is fine, but it also requires action !
Too much uncertainity and hypocrisy, a typical "old Fijian Mentality", that makes people agree and go with forceful measures, to bring them out of the rut they are in.. Very pathetic, I may say..!! If we are going to "look inside" of us and contemplate for 4 years (and counting) like you are doing, Bro..., I am afraid there will never be any progress and improvement in this world, because, as you said,"no one is perfect" not you, not me, not Voreqe, not Qarase... BUT, there are Right and Acceptable and LEGAL ways of doing things...!!
I like your statement Brother Sivo,Kudo,s to you.
@ kay
vinaka for that, but they will be one day !
Shoot the monkey that gave you that news.
coupfourandahalf.com is saying Sayed is in Geneva and Frank is leaving later this week and Gates will be care taker President !



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