You are invited to share and pen your ideas, views or opinions that will facilitate/assist our country back to democracy. All positive and/or negative ideas and comments to steer us back to the road of democracy are welcome.

Whichever way one looks at our current situation back home, democracy has been completely raped. The rape of democracy in Fiji is a virtual degradation of the populus of Fiji. Their human rights are being deprived:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

With this military regime in place, the concept of freedom per the Constitution is a total myth!

And, we, the people of Fiji need to come together and be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

Here we have a military regime that talks about freedom to the people and yet the very same military regime randomly arrest people, torture them, inflict unnecessary harrassment and emotional stress to those that seem a threat to them. The military regime talks about racial unity.......the communal concept of togetherness and yet Fiji is far more racially divided today than it ever was.

The so-called advisors, viz-a-viz, John Samy, these are rejects from their adopted countries and yet they are being rewarded with exuberant amount(s) of money by these rogue military regime who have no idea what they are doing. Lying to the international community does not augur well with this interim government and yet the interim Prime Minister continuously talks with a forked tongue when addressing international issues. The ministers talk about internal securities as if Fiji is going to be invaded.

All around it is clearly seen that the economy is in tatters and the Constitution is just a useless piece of paper. The rule of law is as what the military regime wants it to be.

The above are just some of my views (from a pro-democracy viewpoint). But, do not let that deter you from penning your comments if you share otherwise.

So, let us come together and voice our views/comments, whether they be for or against the military regime and have a very healthy discussion here so that in the end we can factually understand what our role is, what we need to do and how we can come up with ideas to help restore democracy back in our beloved Fiji!

Please feel free to write what you like or dislike about the military regime. Be sincere and honest about your thoughts, without getting personal or spiteful.

Kindly note, this "topic" will expire as soon as we have an election.

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I take my hats off to the Marama Bale Ro Temumu Kepa for not giving in to political intimidation of Bai and his goons, we the strong supporters of SODELPA, come what may, we have fought the good battle and run the good race, evil force wont prevail, I salute the candidates and everyone in the campaign for democracy, though saddened that things didnt go our way, I am very very heart broken and never in my life f existence that I have been in such remorse than this, we are just sorry that we didnt live up to your expectations and pray we will fight the good battle together


Thanks falena....this is what needs to be for the spirit...that needs to overcome the carnal man
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm vinaka ...........
hey...thank you for this..great listening... made my evening.'Keep them comin..
Wow...........Hey.....Thanks for the SONGS ....STAND STILL...N BE BLESSD.......
This is the best : THE LORD.
Hey Eagle, I agree with you the Lord rules in this world. Let us just get back to basic. Serve the Lord with all your heart and all your might and he will just put everything right. This is the Lord who answers our daily prayers. If we talk more to him than everything will be good.God bless Fiji.
True up bro preach it!!!!!!
Bula Kasa, I can't get this to play. I'd love to listen to mthese songs.

First I am nor a professor. I am a painter. Secvond, you don't need to be a rocket scientist or a professor to see that our country will be better off then where VB has taken us.

I don't might be a professor yourself and see different from me and countless others. You see that we have forfeited close to half a billion dollars from the International Community for this BS clean up.

Isn't that guaratee enough that we will be better will only come if we have an election !!!!!!!!!!!!
I think, though there is much one can say about everything and what not, as for now lets weather the storm out.And at the same time look at the different institutions that make up the society that we are in.As Obama had said Good governance can only come about by having strong institutions.And again in my own opinion lets direct our analysis not so much on the regime that is currently at the helm but what had allowed them to be where they are.Because if not it's a long time merry go round around the mountain for us all.Why not start with what is the Fijian Affairs doing inside Central Government looking after one particular ethnic community at the expense of the rest.Now look at that: up, down, pros, cons, benefits and expense that it has incurred and will incur in the future with the current set up. After we have finished with that than take another one .Maybe it will be easier that way than to subject our friendship to unnecessary tantrums over something, can I say, below us. I think it is a mind over matter thing.




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