You are invited to share and pen your ideas, views or opinions that will facilitate/assist our country back to democracy. All positive and/or negative ideas and comments to steer us back to the road of democracy are welcome.

Whichever way one looks at our current situation back home, democracy has been completely raped. The rape of democracy in Fiji is a virtual degradation of the populus of Fiji. Their human rights are being deprived:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

With this military regime in place, the concept of freedom per the Constitution is a total myth!

And, we, the people of Fiji need to come together and be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

Here we have a military regime that talks about freedom to the people and yet the very same military regime randomly arrest people, torture them, inflict unnecessary harrassment and emotional stress to those that seem a threat to them. The military regime talks about racial unity.......the communal concept of togetherness and yet Fiji is far more racially divided today than it ever was.

The so-called advisors, viz-a-viz, John Samy, these are rejects from their adopted countries and yet they are being rewarded with exuberant amount(s) of money by these rogue military regime who have no idea what they are doing. Lying to the international community does not augur well with this interim government and yet the interim Prime Minister continuously talks with a forked tongue when addressing international issues. The ministers talk about internal securities as if Fiji is going to be invaded.

All around it is clearly seen that the economy is in tatters and the Constitution is just a useless piece of paper. The rule of law is as what the military regime wants it to be.

The above are just some of my views (from a pro-democracy viewpoint). But, do not let that deter you from penning your comments if you share otherwise.

So, let us come together and voice our views/comments, whether they be for or against the military regime and have a very healthy discussion here so that in the end we can factually understand what our role is, what we need to do and how we can come up with ideas to help restore democracy back in our beloved Fiji!

Please feel free to write what you like or dislike about the military regime. Be sincere and honest about your thoughts, without getting personal or spiteful.

Kindly note, this "topic" will expire as soon as we have an election.

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Dear ALL in my Beloved Fiji lend me your years especially our Younger Generation in all Universites,Colleges and most of all those in Secondary Education.

First and foremost our most Learned Son of Fiji,Professor Wadan Narsey has been analysing the 2014 General Election.Apart from that he has his own website my advise to all is to look into it and read the articles make informed opinions of your own and put them into practice.He covers so many subjects,as of his area,Economics,he is what I term Our Missing Link.In terms of Economics he delves into reality and most of all practicalty.Even if you have not read any book this year,referring you all the younger generation get hold of an easy means to look into his Website and as a retired Educator,I highly recommend it.A very good friend from Fiji through Facebook forwarded some of his website articles and they blew my mind.These are the articles that are compulsory and we all need to read them,after all they are truly free.As I read them and as an avid reader of all subjects he wrote about,it really dawn on me that here is someone born lived and educated in Fiji and as one of our sons he has to be listened to in the future.Our economy is in a huge mass!!

Vinaka vakalevu D kei kemuni kece na sasaga taka tiko na kena vakalesui na noda vanua lomani o Viti kina matanitu digitaki mai vei ira na lewenivanua. Dinaga ni mai basika tiko eso na medremedrea ena vukuni  walewale ni veidigidigi ka vakayacori, ka tubu kina eso na loma tarotaro ena macala ni veidigidigi.

Sa taura tiko na gauna oqo meu vakavinavinaka vakalevu sara vei kemuni yadudua ena na nomuni dau taura na nomuni gauna enai valu vosa ena mona livaliva kada sa raica tu ni kua na kena vatukana nisa mai qaravi oti na veidigidigi kasana vakarau ra dabe yani na lewe ni palimedi ena matanitu eda digitaka na lewenivanua. Sa koto na vakanuinui levu nina dua na yabaki 4 vinaka ni kena vakacokotaki na bula galala, rokovi ni dodonu ni lewenivanua, semati na veiwekani kina vei vanua tani keina kena vaqaqaco taki na kena rokovi na vei lawa ni matanitu.

Sa noqu masu me noda vata tiko na veivakalougatataki ni tamada ko JIOVA. 

Vinaka vakalevu Setoki, au duavata ena nomuni vakanuinui.

@ Setoki Ratunibau,

We'll see Ratunibau ....and not so fast.

FFP have a lot to clean up their filth ......

Let me see : They have to back date the Auditor General's Financial Account to Yr 2006. They have to reduce the high % of Unemployment.

They have to appoint Individual Qualified personnel to all Ministerial Posts respectively.

PM and Khaiyum are holding onto more than one port folio and are collecting all salaries at the same time.This is bullshit!

All Permanent Secretary Salaries must be reviewed and be re-adjusted to fair increment and NOT as bulshit payoffs given by FBainimarama last year.

Parliament should review all Laws and By-laws of the FNPF that govt should not access itself easily to rob members unnecessarily anytime they wanted to.

Parliament should change Immigration Policies, to cancel/and deport Chinese nationals who had been given free citizenship for no good reason. 

They should do something on unemployment. How about stop the freebies and put people to work.

Parliament should re-think whether we still need to hold on to the role of our military or is it a waste of Tax payers money now.

What about the Trade deficit?

FFP have a lot of mess to clean up because they had boasted from the beginning that they staged their coup to clean-up the mess? Fucking bullshit !!!!

Vinaka Setoki..kadina sa mai yaco na veidigidigi ka dua nai kalawa vinaka ena soli na bula galala vei ira na wekada mai rawa na veicoqacoqa ena bose lawa mai vei iratou na to veisaqa kei na matanitu vou.

Vinaka vakalevu Duck(Suli)na tu tiko mai ena gauna balavu sa oti kei kemuni kece sara na valataka tiko na bula ni lewa galala ena noda vanua.

God Bless Fiji.

Ni bula vinaka nite, sa qai vakarau qo na veikoba e loma ni rigi. Kena ca ga ni se levu jikoga na one side...haha!

No matter what we say in this column, it will not tickle Fiji First or Bainimarama a bit because they have the country to govern in the next 4 years and move us forward in development and progress. Very sorry for the sore losers that things didn't go their way..... but better luck next time and make sure no more excuses after you are slaughtered again in a Fiji First bigger land-slide Victory in the 2018 General Elections.

The iTaukei and Indo-Fijians and all races will be voting for Fiji First in 2018 and no amount of lies Ro Teimumu or Qarase will cook up will work. By that time, the attitude of the current SODELPA party will hardly win any seat in Parliament just like the racist and con-man Sakeasi Butadroka....... They will die a slowly death when the educated iTaukei rise up in Fiji and hold hands in moving the Kawa-i-Taukei and Fiji forward together with all other races on our beloved country.

Who knows ? May be by then, Mike, Meo or Kuna may have some Indo-Fijian grandchildren or part-chinese running around and we will support them as equal citizens of this country of ours.... se vacava ?


Your cult hero is now 60 years old. Will he be still around for you to worship him in 4 years time? Will he be capable of campaigning with the same vigour that he did in the last 8 years and not win the 50 seats that he was boasting about?

Look around the table in his govt. who do you think will replace him and have the same support that he does now with the military? Perhaps you should put your hand up. 

We are not sore but it's clear to me that you are still insecure even with the shattering victory you are claiming. 

We are not like SODELPA or you guys promising that Bai will lose the election qai kasere taki e matamudou na digidigi nei Viti vei Bai. We will let things roll and reveal itself when the time comes.

When Bai retires, there will be a replacement reddy and supported by the people and the Fiji First Movement. Its a non-issue.

Keitou sega ni dau plan lasualsu sara tu iliu ka guilecava na veika bibi e toka la ena dela ni dui ucudatou. Ena vakatorocake taki na kawa iTaukei me maucokona ka yaga raraba na veivakatorocake taki ena noda dui qele. Sega ni ratou kania tikola na kena uro o ratou na lewe vica ga na turaga se liuliu ni Yavusa kei na liuliu ni Mataqali.

Sa toso qo ki liu ko Viti ka na sega ni dua e rawa ni tarova....


Sa rauta mada na tabetabe kei na viavia biuti iko ena veta icake ni soqosoqo koya o tokona tiko qori. Vavei na nona tukuna wavoki tiko o nomu  iliuliu qori ni na taura taucoko e 50 na idabedabe ni se bera na veidigidigi. Sa mai pote tu qori ni sega ni rawata, e sega beka ni lasu vei iko ya?

O sa tukuna vakavica tiko mai na vei vakatorocaketaki, vinakati tiko mo kauta mai na kena ivakadinadina kua ni levu tikoga na vakataramasa sega tiko ni caka e dua na ka.

@ Timoci Gaunavinaka,

Maqa maqa ...dou laki luva uniform ga vei ira na kai China dou laki kauti ira mai qori mera mai osodrigi tu e Viti baleta ni ra sa reject-taki mai na veiyasai vuravura....dou yavu sese!

semi meo, karokaro ga na loma ena levu ni ca tu kina, osa nanuma sara ga o iko ni o kila keve na ka, macawa na veika dou toqa ni sa vosa nai taukei ena digidigi, warai na kemu dou yaga ni dou via vesumona taka nai taukei.......relax tu ga qarava vinaka nomu bula, keimami sa marau tu qo i viti...




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