You are invited to share and pen your ideas, views or opinions that will facilitate/assist our country back to democracy. All positive and/or negative ideas and comments to steer us back to the road of democracy are welcome.

Whichever way one looks at our current situation back home, democracy has been completely raped. The rape of democracy in Fiji is a virtual degradation of the populus of Fiji. Their human rights are being deprived:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

With this military regime in place, the concept of freedom per the Constitution is a total myth!

And, we, the people of Fiji need to come together and be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

Here we have a military regime that talks about freedom to the people and yet the very same military regime randomly arrest people, torture them, inflict unnecessary harrassment and emotional stress to those that seem a threat to them. The military regime talks about racial unity.......the communal concept of togetherness and yet Fiji is far more racially divided today than it ever was.

The so-called advisors, viz-a-viz, John Samy, these are rejects from their adopted countries and yet they are being rewarded with exuberant amount(s) of money by these rogue military regime who have no idea what they are doing. Lying to the international community does not augur well with this interim government and yet the interim Prime Minister continuously talks with a forked tongue when addressing international issues. The ministers talk about internal securities as if Fiji is going to be invaded.

All around it is clearly seen that the economy is in tatters and the Constitution is just a useless piece of paper. The rule of law is as what the military regime wants it to be.

The above are just some of my views (from a pro-democracy viewpoint). But, do not let that deter you from penning your comments if you share otherwise.

So, let us come together and voice our views/comments, whether they be for or against the military regime and have a very healthy discussion here so that in the end we can factually understand what our role is, what we need to do and how we can come up with ideas to help restore democracy back in our beloved Fiji!

Please feel free to write what you like or dislike about the military regime. Be sincere and honest about your thoughts, without getting personal or spiteful.

Kindly note, this "topic" will expire as soon as we have an election.

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Is there any further news on the FNPF pensioners not being paid? I heard that Aisake Taito was shooing away those queueing up at FNPF building. They were coming out empty-handed. But Bainimarama is no where to be seen. I heard he is in India.

The fnpf corridor was full of unhappy faces......because of a need.....for that rightfully is entitled to them...full buts... 

Dan & Radini

Era sa vakaloloma dina na Peniseni ena FNPF. Ena nodra mai cemuri tu ena kena sa berabera na vakarautaki ni nodra i lavo. O boso Voreqe dro sara tu i Idia laki gade vei ira na nona vasu.  

Mr.Sireli, it looks like that some big guns cannot make up their mind when they are sitting up there.You as a leader, should know what you are doing.Things like this coming up, you should know what to do and how to do it.We cannot be standing on the halfway mark then do abit of thinking.No it is not like that!Smtimes our leadership is tested on small things like this!

Meo,sada kua soti mada na vakilakila kei na vicoqa2 tu ga vakaveitalia...keimami sega ni kila ko lako tiko yani se o vasukasuka tiko mai,sega nio kata2 mo kata2 sara se bata2 mo bata2 sara. Na reason ni noqu vosa vei kemuni,e so na gauna vakatikina ga nomu sega ni duavata kei VB ia ko sa saqata sara ga vakaca na veika keimami duavata kina na lewe ni democracy for Fiji...tovolea mo raica vakatitobu na vanua iko sovaraka tiko kina vakaveitalia na gusumu,kua ni dau tabetabe tiko vei VB me rawa niko lomani kua ga ni via mai levu tiko na vosa vakalialia tiko eke ni sega tu ni vakaibalebale na veika iko cauraka tiko mai....kalougata tiko.


Ni tadola na gusuna eda sa boica ga kina na i boi ni gusui Voreqe. O cei e kila de rau dau gusuna vata tiko.

Trues up Di Una. The problem is most of the leaders elected in this regime are here only for themselves and they tend to be a 'Yes' man for the regime.  

People the people in the illegal regime are showing their true colours now as we have already said. They are the biggest as Tovata Una said " masipoloist" and they will betray their father and their mothers to please Bainimarama. There is nothing new in that as to the FNPF as I have already said . it is the local bank for Bainimarama to borrow money from to pay for the soldiers and also to uphold the Government expenses . The real purpose of the FNPF is forgotten and they are now trying to find ways to stall the payment of the momey to the people who contributed to it so that it will be the source of their income in retirement wheather in lump sum or otherwise. Bainimarama and Khaiyum had hoped that people will still contribute to the FNPF like before but today their are many people who have money in the FNPF unemployed and when they want their money the illegal regime has put in place very stringent rules and regulations to protect them in havinf excess and thus limiting the people with money in the fund to get it. That is why we say that the Government is borrowing from itself for its own sustenance.


More Lies, Pathetic Service,  Incompetent or Simply No Money while Voreqe is away on holiday in India!!

Go home, pensioners told

17:46 Mon Apr 23, 2012

Taken from/By: 
Report by: Roland Koroi

A large number of pensioners queuing up at the FNPF building today have been told to go home and wait for the call from the Fund to tell them if their money has been processed.

Some have been lining up at the FNPF Building in Suva since last week and turned up today only to be told they’ll have to wait a little longer.

FBC News arrived at the FNPF building at around 3pm today to find a long queue of pensioners.

Not long after, FNPF CEO Aisake Taito showed up, directing his staff to get the details of all waiting pensioners.

The details included their phone contacts, FNPFNumbers and their names.

Pensioners were then told to go home, and await the FNPF’s call.

Taito was overheard telling pensioners it will do them no good to wait around, or waste their money coming to Suva.

He has promised them that when their money is in, FNPF staff will call them.
The Fund has been delaying the payment since last week, blaming it on a technical glitch.,-pensioners-told

Well, well...well said Hassan Khan!

It is our money, not a favour: FCOSS tells FNPF

April 23, 2012 02:44:42 PMA+ A-|||

The Fiji National Provident Fund should stop treating pensions as if it is doing some kind of favour to pensioners, says executive director for Fiji Council of Social Services Hassan Khan.

Khan labelled the delays over pension payments as a betrayal of trust and a black day for seniors. “It is ironic that the FNPF is treating this as some kind of a favour or service they are giving to the pensioner when in fact it is nothing short of betrayal of trust,” he said in a statement.

Khan said the reduction in pensions is a clear indication of the FNPF bureaucracy in managing people’s money for retirement. He said people feel robbed of their legal and honest earned retirement benefits.

His comments come after a long delay in payments for some FNPF pensioners under the new scheme.

Sadly, Khan said, the reduction in pensions and delays come at a time of great hardship on the elderly especially those are suffering from the multiple flood disasters that have hit Fiji. Khan said pensioners were further hit by rising fuel and food costs.

In a statement, the FNPF had said it is due to pay the remaining pre-February 29 validated pensioners today. Others who had validated after February 29 will be paid later.

Chief executive Aisake Taito had apologised for the delay. By Ropate Valemei

Read more at:
Copyright 2012 ©

The FCOSS executive director is TRUE!It is their money. PENSIONERS  worked hard all their life for that money.

No Coalition for SDL and FLP

10:09 Today

Taken from/By: g
Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Soqosoqo Duatava ni Lewenivanua party leader Laisenia Qarase says they will not be in coalition with the Fiji Labour Party in the 2014 elections.

However they will only be working closely on discussing constitutional matters.

Qarase says he wants to keep his options open and he’s talking to other parties as well.

Early last month the FLP held its annual general meeting and surprisingly it was announced they were in talks with SDL.

“I don’t know whether the term joining forces is the right one, we are certainly not going to be on coalition; we are trying to find some common grounds on which to make submissions relating to the new constitution.”

Meanwhile Qarase is also talking with other parties.

“I have been talking to the leader of the Fiji Labour Party as everybody knows, I have also been talking to Mick Beddoes the leader of the General Voters Party, I propose to talk to the NFP as well as part of this process, so coalition with Labour, No, joining forces perhaps very limited work together.”




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