You are invited to share and pen your ideas, views or opinions that will facilitate/assist our country back to democracy. All positive and/or negative ideas and comments to steer us back to the road of democracy are welcome.

Whichever way one looks at our current situation back home, democracy has been completely raped. The rape of democracy in Fiji is a virtual degradation of the populus of Fiji. Their human rights are being deprived:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

With this military regime in place, the concept of freedom per the Constitution is a total myth!

And, we, the people of Fiji need to come together and be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

Here we have a military regime that talks about freedom to the people and yet the very same military regime randomly arrest people, torture them, inflict unnecessary harrassment and emotional stress to those that seem a threat to them. The military regime talks about racial unity.......the communal concept of togetherness and yet Fiji is far more racially divided today than it ever was.

The so-called advisors, viz-a-viz, John Samy, these are rejects from their adopted countries and yet they are being rewarded with exuberant amount(s) of money by these rogue military regime who have no idea what they are doing. Lying to the international community does not augur well with this interim government and yet the interim Prime Minister continuously talks with a forked tongue when addressing international issues. The ministers talk about internal securities as if Fiji is going to be invaded.

All around it is clearly seen that the economy is in tatters and the Constitution is just a useless piece of paper. The rule of law is as what the military regime wants it to be.

The above are just some of my views (from a pro-democracy viewpoint). But, do not let that deter you from penning your comments if you share otherwise.

So, let us come together and voice our views/comments, whether they be for or against the military regime and have a very healthy discussion here so that in the end we can factually understand what our role is, what we need to do and how we can come up with ideas to help restore democracy back in our beloved Fiji!

Please feel free to write what you like or dislike about the military regime. Be sincere and honest about your thoughts, without getting personal or spiteful.

Kindly note, this "topic" will expire as soon as we have an election.

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Mark with the arrival of Democracy to Fiji it spells equality for all.In the concept of Fiji's chiefly system the chiefs are more equal than others.

Today Fiji is undergoing a major transition where the people of Fiji have to decide for themselves what they want. The decision  is wheather Bainimarama is the answe for them in Fiji or the constitutionasl rule is what they want.

I grew up in Fiji when Fiji went from a colony to what it is today a coup ridden country.

The chiefs played a very important role in Fiji's Transtition from then till Independence. The role of Chiefs erode when politics and the concept of equality under the law entered the equation. The chiefs had a role then but now they need one to justify their existence in modern day society.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba , Ratu Mara's fathjer was the last paramount Chief in Fiji.This means that his words were law in Lau Province. Ratu Mara was offered the same when he became Tui Nayau but he declined because he wanted to serve the people of Fiji as a political leader and not a chiefly leader.

This became the turning point for chiefs because Ratu Mara went into politics and thus became as ordinary citizen even though we the people o0f Lau gave him all the acolades befitting our Chief.

This is the 21st century.My children were born in Fiji but have spent most of their lives in the USA. They talk about chiefs and when I ask them do you want to go back to Fiji and give allegence to the chiefs? They have told me (my children that is) that if the chiefs do nothing for them why should they do anything for the chiefs? How times have changed. My children in Fiji who are quite capable of looking after themselves do not remember what alligence to the chief is yet they do their part for the village, province and Government.

Today in Fiji Khaiyum is using the chiefs as a model to get to the Taukeis to get rid of the chiefly system. Bainimarama said of the chiefs "go and drink homebrew under the mango tree." Bainimarama was a ble to say this because he had guns to back him up and also using the concept of equality under the law and the concept of freedom of expression which he has totally denied the people of Fiji their rights to the same.

 It is now a cry for give us democracy now in Fiji. I think we can Mark.

@ Loruama

I think the Middle Eastern Countries are experiencing a similar revolt !

Thanks to the Internet and Mobile Phones etc.

We are all products of our environment and subject to changing our core values when exposed to new places and things.

The reality is, for better or worse, the World is getting smaller and smaller, and nothing remains the same anymore, anywhere.

This is one of the many challenges for this generation.

I think that we are all as confused now as when God confounded our speech :-



A Government in Exile, an approach to two Countries to support an Application for a Warrant for the arrest of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and others responsible for crimes against Humanity and it's all over for this Regime.


As I said over 4 years ago, all Fijians will all begin to appreciate Democracy and partake in it once this coup is abandoned.

The chiefly system  was never flawed,the english had brought about their system to manipulate the Fijian Chiefly system,a system which brought about changes to our lands.There are some lands that were Leased to the Colonialists from Mataqalis for 999 years signed by the Bulis,hand picked reps of corrupted chiefs and the colonialist masters.This system created documents that were not readerable nor was understood by Mataqali land owners,the Bulis on the colonial payroll approved and signed for the people without their consent.This documents and  lease cases  exist todate,again before expiry of lease manipulated and leased out again to Indians without approval of the owners.This is the same system which introduced the indentured labourers and brought about these  wily negotiators andTrade Union Louts who are made heros in place of the erst while owners and the warrior and chief to emasculate and herd a  whole populace into the barbed wire enclosures of marxist tolitarianism.You may know of British Phleghn and Chinese inscrutability.But you seldom understand the Fijians, They could be deemed Slow.It is not indolence,it is how he looks at it,and he judges,and when he does act it will be rather swift and unexpected.        
Anonymous said...

What sort of an idiot would say "this government is the best for Fiji" - (July 9th 10.54am) . .
-------------------------------- Only a fellow criminal/friend of Banana on the take, would say that the C4.5 information is "defamitory". Very little of it could even be considered an exageration, so as I said before, it is easy to spot the Idiots/Banana Supporters.
If all this info about Banana and Sayes khiayummybum was false then they would be presenting a very vigourous argument to countermand it .. but they don't even dare to try.
So even if you are already brainwashed by them, who would you logically believe - the Thief/The criminal/The woman basher, or the person who sufferred the loss.
They continue on their merry way in the self deluded belief that they can get away with it forever- and-a-day and the people will either never know enough to make them rebel in unison, or that the Fijian people are too placid or too stupid to notice.
Lets just say, "it is a good" thing that Banana and Yummybum are so blatent about their crimes, because they can no longer hide, and they will be very lucky to get away with their lives, let alone the money.
Sleep well Banana and Sayyes-NOT.
-Sydney Tourist

July 9, 2011 5:32 PM

@ SR

I support the notion that the white man has gone throughout the World and destroyed in part, many Communities and their way of life etc.

The question is now, what can we do to make things right ?


Frank/ASK... your days getting near the 6 foot grave or prison soon. We don't need conmen like you thugs to lead Fiji.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can here it in the distance . . . . .
listen carefully . . click .. clack ... and a pause ....
and thin - BOOM - SIZZLE ..right up your mushroom farm, Sayes Kiayummybum ...

You just can't help yourself, can you?

Everything you do is corrupt and Grand theft.
You have had plenty of warnings. So no excuse.
. . . your day is coming.
- Sydney Tourist

July 8, 2011 6:17 PM


Alexander Tabua: What happened in 1987 was throwing a lifeline to avoid a civil war that was becoming inevitable.The overdosing act by Britain is a different issue to the 1987 coup by the Fijians even though the root causes may have been connected..i.e Control.Fiji became a republic with its drafted constitution that gave the Fijians some form of control in their own world. Thats why Rabuka was warning Bainimarama not to be using 1987 as an excuse to his illegal takeover in 2006 .

Unfortunately, the kai Idias Haven't Learned Their Lesson! When will they ever learn? Fiji Civil War May Now Be Inevitable. In Fiji we are presently heading down a very volatile path, a path that leads to warfare and to the development of collectivist, authoritarian, and racialist enclaves.

The revolution is already in the minds and hearts of the Fijian people.

This can't go on any longer... This cancerous abomination MUST BE DESTROYED!!!!!!


Looks like the illegal regime's plan for Lau has failed. Despite heavy lobbying by the regime, Adi Ateca has been elected Chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council. One thing is now certain in Fiji, women are far more courageous than men.


Adi Ateca new Chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council
Publish date/time: 12/07/2011 [11:09]

Adi Ateca Ganilau, the daughter of the late former President and Tui Nayau Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, has been elected as the new Chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council.

Adi Ateca Ganilau was appointed as chair of the council in Nadi in the last hour after taking 17 votes, while other nominees to the position Education Minister Filipe Bole managed to get 15 votes and the Turaga Rokosau Roko Josefa Delainauluvatu got 6 votes.

Tokasa Rainima has more from the Lau Provincial Council meeting venue.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Story by:
Vijay Narayan and Tokasa Rainima

Looks like the illegal regime's plan for Lau has failed. Despite heavy lobbying by the regime, Adi Ateca has been elected Chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council. One thing is now certain in Fiji, women are far more courageous than men.

Adi Ateca new Chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council

In other words:


UP YOURS Banana and Sayes khiayummybum!






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