You are invited to share and pen your ideas, views or opinions that will facilitate/assist our country back to democracy. All positive and/or negative ideas and comments to steer us back to the road of democracy are welcome.

Whichever way one looks at our current situation back home, democracy has been completely raped. The rape of democracy in Fiji is a virtual degradation of the populus of Fiji. Their human rights are being deprived:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

With this military regime in place, the concept of freedom per the Constitution is a total myth!

And, we, the people of Fiji need to come together and be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

Here we have a military regime that talks about freedom to the people and yet the very same military regime randomly arrest people, torture them, inflict unnecessary harrassment and emotional stress to those that seem a threat to them. The military regime talks about racial unity.......the communal concept of togetherness and yet Fiji is far more racially divided today than it ever was.

The so-called advisors, viz-a-viz, John Samy, these are rejects from their adopted countries and yet they are being rewarded with exuberant amount(s) of money by these rogue military regime who have no idea what they are doing. Lying to the international community does not augur well with this interim government and yet the interim Prime Minister continuously talks with a forked tongue when addressing international issues. The ministers talk about internal securities as if Fiji is going to be invaded.

All around it is clearly seen that the economy is in tatters and the Constitution is just a useless piece of paper. The rule of law is as what the military regime wants it to be.

The above are just some of my views (from a pro-democracy viewpoint). But, do not let that deter you from penning your comments if you share otherwise.

So, let us come together and voice our views/comments, whether they be for or against the military regime and have a very healthy discussion here so that in the end we can factually understand what our role is, what we need to do and how we can come up with ideas to help restore democracy back in our beloved Fiji!

Please feel free to write what you like or dislike about the military regime. Be sincere and honest about your thoughts, without getting personal or spiteful.

Kindly note, this "topic" will expire as soon as we have an election.

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Fiji Gone to the Dogs

Fiji Independence Day

Family Fallout!

Talk about two sides of the coin! Nothing could be more different than the views of the brothers-in-law Epeli Nailatikau and Ratu Tevita Mara. While the illegally appointed president marked Fiji Day by spewing a heap of bullshit in praise of our tin-pot dictatorship, his brother-in-law vented hot invective against the illegal regime, claiming that “a reign of terror” existed in Fiji, with “life ruled at the barrel of a gun.” Ratu Tevita went on to say that under the Bainikhaiyum regime corruption and poverty were rampant and the promise of elections had no credibility because this would expose the current unlawful rulers to prosecution. Folks, when it comes to deciding which brother-in-law got it right, we are most inclined to believe Roko Ului.

Fiji Today’s Blog 10 October 2011   Nothing is as it seems in Fiji

Boast of mahogany money leaves more questions unanswered

By Fiji Democracy Now

The Bainikhaiyum propaganda machine is boasting about receiving $500,000 in licence fee and reforestation fees from their favourite timber company, Sustainable Mahogany Industries. This is a trickle of the money that mahogany timber must be receiving. Are landowners supposed to be impressed with this announcement. What they want to know is how much has been harvested, what sales have been made and what profits are being made by the companies exploiting the resource?

Radio Fiji October 12, 2011    State receives $0.5m from mahogany company

Tailevu Says:

It is mind boggling to be told when i inquired with Harwood Co-operation that the favoured company, SMI which must have bribed Khyum and Bainimarama is given all Class 1 Logs harvested from Mahogany platations from our forests.

Lower class mahogany logs are given to others. Incredible….there is something wrong with this corrupt illegal Govt.

We want to know how much profit its getting from all the Grade 1 Logs deal. The country is being shafted by Baini Khyoom gang.

NZ Citizen arrested by the Police,handed over to the military and t...

by fijitoday


FijiToday has been reliably informed that Jagath Karunaratne, a New Zealand citizen, was taken in for questioning by Fiji police on Friday and has now been handed over to the military and taken to to the QEB.

He was arrested after he was accused of speaking out against Frank Bainimarama and being involved with the VRF resistance group.

October 11, 2011

Update on New Zealand man Jagath Karunaratne

New Zealander held for questioning in Fiji

Posted at 22:32 on 11 October, 2011 UTC

The police in Fiji have confimed a New Zealand man Jagath Karunaratne is in police custody for questioning.

A family member Rajesh Singh says they are concerned for the IT professional’s safety and feared he had been taken to the military barracks in Suva.

Mr Singh says they understand he is being investigated over anti regime graffiti although this could not be confirmed with the Fiji police.

Fiji’s Assistant Commissioner of Police Henry Brown says Mr Karunaratne is among a group of people being questioned but he is the only foreign national.

Henry Brown says he is being well looked after and has been seen by New Zealand consular officials.

He says no charges have been laid.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Another foreigner “arrested” in Suva

October 12, 2011 by Fiji Democracy Now

Hot on the heels of the illegal detention of Australian citizen, Shalend Scott, New Zealand media are reporting that a New Zealand citizen, Jagath Karunaratne, has been under arrest in Suva for the past five days apparently because a regime informer accused him of criticising our tin-pot dictator. Fiji freedom blog, Fiji Today, reports that Mr Karunaratne was detained first by police who then handed him over to the military. Mr Karunaratne is a Sri Lankan born NZ citizen who commenced his career as an engineer with Computer Systems Limited in Sri Lanka. He has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in countries such as the USA, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

TVNZ 11 October 2011    Concern mounts over Kiwi held in Fiji

Fiji Today’s Blog 11 October 2011   NZ citizen arrested

Renewed call for release of NZ man held in Fiji without being charged

Posted at 04:34 on 13 October, 2011 UTC

The family of a New Zealand man being held in police custody in Fiji is urging the New Zealand Government to put pressure on the Fiji interim regime to release him.

Jagath Karunaratne has been held in custody for questioning for six days with no charges being laid and one family member was given only two minutes to visit him today.

A relative in Auckland Rajesh Singh says Mr Karunaratne has not been feeling well due to a heart condition and says family members are pleading with the New Zealand Government to intervene.

“His wife has written a letter to the Prime Minister, John Key. And also we have forwarded it to the Foreign Affairs. And Foreign Affairs was very quick to respond and they were in touch and they’ve been in touch with the Fiji New Zealand High Commission in Fiji. And there’s a secretary at the New Zealand High Commission assisting him.”

Rajesh Singh says he would like to see the New Zealand and Australian governments place more pressure on Fiji’s interim government to lift its decrees.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Democracy, Sovereignty, and Political Status Still Denied...

Divide & Rule...

Once the English hit on the tactic of using ethnic and religious differences to divide a population, the conquest of Ireland became a reality. Within 250 years, that formula would be transported to India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Sometimes populations were splintered by religions, as with Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in India. Sometimes societies were divided by tribes, as with the Ibos and Hausa in Nigeria. Sometimes, as in Ireland, foreign ethnic groups were imported and used as a buffer between the colonial authorities and the colonized. That is how large numbers of East Indians ended up in Kenya, South Africa, British Guyana, and Uganda.

It was "divide and conquer" that made it possible for an insignificant island in the north of Europe to rule the world. Division and chaos, tribal, religious and ethnic hatred, were the secret to empire. Guns and artillery were always in the background in case things went awry, but in fact, it rarely came to that.

Divide and conquer was 19th and early 20th century colonialism's single most successful tactic of domination. It was also a disaster, one which still echoes in civil wars and regional tensions across the globe. This latter lesson does not appear to be one the Israelis have paid much attention to. As a system of rule, division and privilege may work in the short run, but over time it engenders nothing but hatred. These polices, according to Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, foment "terror," adding, "In tactical decisions, we are operating contrary to our strategic interests."

Divide and conquer fails in the long run, but only after it inflicts stupendous damage, engendering hatreds that still convulse countries like Nigeria, India and Ireland. In the end it will fail to serve even the interests of the power that uses it. England kept Ireland divided for 800 years, but in the end, it lost.

Anonymous said... So Shalend Scott now loses his job and becomes unemployable due to illegally taking some company documents and forwarding some of them to a third party. Was it worth it ?  What has all this proved ?  Is the world really interested that supposedely the goverment used extermal sources to produce one of its laws/decrees ? I think not, as just about all companies and goverments worldwide use outside consultants and experts and that is not an illegal action. October 12, 2011 4:39 PM.

Fiji Govt and legal systems totally compromised, this is unprecedented

Fiji is now being raped and pillaged

Coup Four Point Five provides hardcore evidence that Ar Pacific paid lawyers in New York to prepare the Essential Industries Decree

this is terrible - it means the Fiji Govt is TOTALLY COMPROMISED and our legal system and systems of governance are totally corrupted.

laws are being written by people in New York - we don't even have a parliament to scrutinise these laws, we don't have any open media where these laws are debated by the people - and now this information that the laws are being written on the other side of the world by people who aren't even citizens of this country, leave alone democratically elected or even accountable to the people of Fiji.

Air Pacific wants a law so it writes it and sends it to Govt and the Govt rubber stamps it.

if our laws are now being written by all sorts of people, then whats to say our Court rulings and everything else are not being written up the same way by Air Pacific and all the other people who have vested intertests in the outcomes of cases ? Air Pacific goes to Court and they want a case outcome a certain way so they get their lawyers to write the ruling and the Judge just signs - FIRCA want the case to go a certain way they just prepare the Judgement and the Judge just signs it.

this is all messed up.

every single precept of Good Governance, Seperation of Powers, Independance of the Rule of law and the intergrity of its systems have GONE DOWN THE TOILET

we now have total and absolute corruption.

and whats happened here with Air Pacific and these New Yorks lawyers is just way way way beyond the pale. this is complete and total CORRUPTION.

The Bill thats attached there says its for an "Insolvency decree" -so they are basically writing all sorts of Fiji laws.

the Govt is totally phucked - its no longer a Govt. how can it call itself a Govt under these circumstances ?

its not even writing its own laws - outsiders with vested interests are writing Fiji's laws. the Fiji Govt has just been hijacked and phucked over

Fiji is basically being violated.

guys are just walking in here from every corner of the globe and taking whatever they want. they are now even writing our laws.

foreigners now control this country

and they now write the laws.

only GOVT is supposed to write laws. only PARLIAMENT writes laws.

what we have here is guys sitting in New York now writing the laws

Fiji has been taken over. CONQUERED. governed by the guys who are writing the laws in New York.

there is nothing else to describe it.

The Dissent is Deep 

the networks which bring investment into this country are the lawyers and accountants and business people and the embassies and common people

Govt can do all the propoganda and marketing that it wants to do - but its meanngless when the information sent from here by those on the ground to their contacts overseas shows the TRUE PICTURE ON THE GROUND of whats happening

this is the 21st century - propoganda and media control may have worked in the days before internet and mobile phones. not anymore today.

thats why information is power in the digital age

Temm, the New Zealand Law Society President advised lawyers over here to keep records OF EVERY IRREUGLAR thing which goes on in cases and anyother areas of the legal system over here - and these records where they involve foreign interests get disseminated to those foreign interests - when a dodgy Court decision is given over here its not an isolated contained thing - its sent offshore and disseminated widely amongst lawyers and jurists - where cases involve foreign clients, EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT filed by all parties in Court right upto the Judgement is sent offshore - they read EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and make their own assessments

what govt is doing with its marketing its superfluos - because the TRUE PICTURE involving the NITTY GRITTY DETAILS of EVERY DODGY DECISION is sent offshore and disseminated widely the moment it happens.

and thats why no matter HOW MANY TRIPS the Govt does offshore to attract foreign investment and HOW MUCH PROPOGANDA is done, its not getting traction 

all these details with the Air Pacific boss hiring New York lawyers to write Fiji Govt Decrees is now in circulation THROUGHOUT THE REGION as of tonight - Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington, Brisbane, you name it - they all are 100% aware and informed of whats going on here - they read the documents - its easy to send it via email - complete dossiers.

Govt thinks the blogs are a problem - the blogs reveal only a small minute percentage of the information which is being shared from here with contacts offshore

the embassies also do their own information sharing


the dodgyness has consequences - and the consequences are LACK OF INVESTMENT, LACK OF TRUST IN THE FIJI LEGAL SYSTEM, LACK OF TRUST IN FIJI'S GOVERNANCE MECHANISMS - and these outcomes aren't manufactured, they are REAL - they are the actions of these arms of the State which are simply being disseminated offshore - self inflicted, and noone else to blame for it but themselves.

there is lack of transparency, there is corruption, there is collussion. and its not hidden to Fiji - its disseminated widely offshore - and it has consequences which are being seen now with the tanking economy and lack of investment

the more govt tries to supress the people the more these forms of dissent take on stronger modes of dissemination.

thats why Govt is finding it difficult to get its message across - because the truth is already out there even before the Govt people reach there. in source documents sent electronically - and as in the case of the Air Pacific New York lawyers thing, even the Bill of Costs.  credible, specific and direct evidence. solid information

propoganda works when a lie can be told and noone can check to verify it because things are closed off with the PER and other measures - however when there are divergent sources of information which provide specific and credible on the ground data, then propoganda becomes outright lies in the ears of the listners and turns counterproductive because they undermine credibility and intergrity of those who are proferring it - and thats whats happening now

propoganda can't stand against truth.   

bottom line


M 4.8, south of the Fiji Islands, 12/10/2011


2011 October 12 03:00:47 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 4.8
Location 26.731°S, 178.047°W
Depth 56.7 km (35.2 miles)
Distances 281 km (174 miles) N of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
527 km (327 miles) N of L'Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands
684 km (425 miles) SSW of NUKU`ALOFA, Tonga
1313 km (815 miles) NNE of Auckland, New Zealand
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 23.3 km (14.5 miles); depth +/- 12.7 km (7.9 miles)
Parameters NST= 45, Nph= 45, Dmin=>999 km, Rmss=0.49 sec, Gp= 79°,
M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=5
  • Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
    Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Event ID usc00067tv




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