But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.

So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. Ezekiel 33:6-7.
Time is drawing very fast to the fulfillment of the 'end time' Biblical prophecies but the whole world is not aware of the impending doom that is about to happen to mankind!The so called watchmen or those who believed to be appointed of God are in a dilemma as to what Gospel to deliver to the people and in the process have lost sight of God's desire for them to warn His church as well as the modern day descendants of Israel about what is about to transpire.God will demand answers from them for spilled blood in the coming 3rd World War if His people are not warned!God would not destroy without first issuing warnings.
Well if you have been updating your knowledge about Biblical prophecies you would have noted that the Roman empire or European Union is just about complete and should be ready to rumble once every bone is fitted into place or should I say iron.
Also God has cursed America who is Manasseh(one of the two nation who inherited the birthright blessings of Israel) in Biblical prophecy by letting them choose and having one of the most damaging president of all time in Obama.He have done the most damage to the country of America in such a short span of time compared to nearly all the others compared.From trying to legalize marijuana to economic instability.Isaiah 3:1-4 "For, behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff....... And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them."
America have left a huge void by backing down from every conflicts going around the world which have seen Russia and Germany stepping in.Before Obama became president American troops were present just about everywhere on the globe.But now they have pulled out from Afghanistan,Iraq,Middle East and just about every other places.
But at the moment Vladimir Putin of Russia rules.No one is willing to confront Russia because they haven't got the arms and guts.America with all her firearms can stand alone against the whole world but God has taken away all her man of wars the likes of Ronald Reagan,George Bush,Abraham Linchorn and many more.The whole world have to be now contended with a coward like Obama.
That leaves us with only one option left!The European Union!Recent invading of Ukraine by Russia have prompted Germany to upped the tempo in foreign affairs dealing.So we should expect a more vigorous European Union very soon and the only thing left will be a strong man like the caliber of Putin.
That brings us to our topic.There is a man on the horizon who could be brought in as early as this year or next year.I'm not saying that he is the prophesied antichrist but of course we should keep an eye out for him because we are now in the end time!
"And in their later time of their kingdom,when the transgression are come to the full,a king of fierce countenance,and understanding dark sentences,shall stand up.
And his power shall be mighty,but not by his own power:and he shall destroy wonderfully,and shall prosper,and practise,and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand;and he shall magnify himself in his heart,and by peace shall destroy many:he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes;but he shall be broken without hand." Daniel 8:23-25
Everything is now going by at a mighty pace just as the Bible predicted.Political alliances are being formed just as the Bible says they would be in the later days.You should also note that the Eastern countries are also shifting together politically as seen in China's standing beside Russia in Ukraine.Also Iran have successfully spread their own brand of radical Islam to countries that the Bible predicts will be aligned with the king of the south! "
But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps."(Daniel 11:43) The Mighty Roman Empire now forming as the European Union is almost complete.
So of course the prophesied King to take over this kingdom should be already be around the corner or acclimatising himself with this world.
Pictured here is Germany's former Minister of Defense who resigned and went into self imposed exile.He was Germany's most popular politician.His name is Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg.
According to recent rumors he was wanted back by the German people because they want a strong man who can lead them into the future.
So he could make an appearance on the world scene as early as next year if not this year.In all description of his policy and how he run things when he was Minister of Deference, we may just know who the prophesied antichrist is.
May God bless us all in keeping abreast of what Satan has in store for us.
Read your Bible and take care.
More on this man later.

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oca saraga na wiliwili...

So you are saying ths guy will start the anti-christ campaign?

Vinaka Bogi.You haven't got that deep understanding of the Bible but I can understand that it is not you who uttered those words for Satan will try his best to undermine the work of God especially in the last days.He is the king of deception and he could not stand a work that exposes his lies.

The spirit of antichrist has already been about Nabobo as the devil knows he has only a little time left and so he will try through his utter most power to drag as many people as he possibly can to hell.Revelation 12:12, "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Daniel,Revelation and other books prophesies of a man to take up the king of the north post.This man will lead the European Union and Satan himself will dwell within him as Daniel chapter 8 says.And in all likelihood this man fits in well with all description of the antichrist.

Let us see what Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg thinks of himself through his own words!

"Let’s say I’m a skilled, middle-aged German politician in possession of all the tools needed for political success. My supreme goal is to become Germany’s chancellor, though I’ll consider any high-level position in Germany or the EU that sets me on the path toward this goal.
Here’s the three-part strategy I’ve been employing in recent years in pursuit of this goal.
First, I’m refusing every opportunity to play a major official role in German or EU politics. At least for now. Under the right circumstances this could change suddenly, but for now I’m more than happy to sit on the bench. I know that seems counterintuitive, but in politics,especially at my age,you have to play the long game. Are you watching politics in Europe and Germany right now? The place is an impenetrable minefield.
Europe’s debt crisis, in particular, is a career killer that is still taking causalities. Name a German (or European) politician right now who is genuinely liked by the majority of the public. Angela Merkel, coming off victory in recent German elections, probably comes to mind. Merkel might be popular, but she isn’t genuinely liked. Merkel was reelected because she’s the known entity, the way to preserve the status quo, the safe choice. And safe is what Germans desire most right now.
Merkel might have the most important job in Europe, but it’s also the most dangerous. The Continent is experiencing a complex and historic crisis—one that threatens the financial and political underpinnings of the EU and post-war Europe—one that increasingly pits the German public (anti-German intervention) against the rest of Europe (desperate for German intervention)and one that will get much worse before it gets better. Angela Merkel has the impossible task of fixing Europe, and fixing it in a way that satisfies everyone. I want Merkel’s job, just not right now.
That’s why the safest place for me, until the right moment comes, is right here on the bench.
Second, though I’m avoiding public office, I’m maintaining a public image. Not in an obnoxious, gratuitous way. I’m more Meryl Streep than Miley Cyrus. This means avoiding crazy antics and superficial attention. Instead, I’m promoting my personality and politics widely but subtly, through hard work, meaningful projects and quality works.
This means writing thoughtful, articulate articles on key issues. Articles that expose the weaknesses of opponents and sell me as an intelligent politician with serious solutions. It means making the evening news and the pages of Bild and its counterparts, but only occasionally and only in narratives that build my brand. It means attending major conferences, giving lectures and delivering public speeches. Not on frivolous subjects, but on important subjects that Germans care about or ought to care about: German politics, the war in Afghanistan, German foreign policy, Europe’s financial crises, and currently, Barack Obama’s snooping on Angela Merkel.
The goal is to be seen, but only as the solution and never as the problem.
Third, I’m maintaining intimate relations with political friends and allies in Germany and abroad. This means keeping abreast of all the major issues, keeping my finger on the pulse of German politics, and injecting myself into all the major conversations in Berlin. It means regular meetings, dinners and weekends with politicians, statesmen, journalists and businessmen, from Berlin, Brussels and other world capitals.
A good vehicle for padding my résumé, expanding my network, and growing my brand might be to join a prestigious think tank. While I’d have the freedom to advance my own agenda, a think tank would allow me to be fully immersed in politics yet not be seen as a politician. A prominent American think tank would be ideal. In America, I could develop relationships with all sorts of significant people. Thanks to modern technology, it would be easy to maintain a presence in German media; the ease of modern travel would allow for regular forays to Europe. But if the landscape becomes dangerous, I could easily leave.
The purpose of these three tactics is two-fold. First, I’m reducing the risk of becoming collateral damage in Europe’s debt crisis. Second, I’m positioning myself to step into a position of power when conditions converge for my return to politics. What will conditions have to be like for me to return? It’s hard to say. It’s not that the debt crisis would have to be over and Europe fixed. I would just have to see a clear and safe path toward my ultimate goal. So, whatever position I might accept, it would have to be significant, a guaranteed springboard into higher office, with minimal risk of tarnishing my reputation and handicapping my political aspirations.
But here’s what I love most about this strategy: Executed right, it could even result in me being invited into a position of leadership!
This would be my strategy if I were a German politician, which I’m not. But what if a real German politician is actually implementing such a strategy?"
Now that is Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg( KT for short)speaking his mind.
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is young (42), highly intelligent, politically experienced, and a powerful orator with a movie-star appearance. He comes from Bavaria, where he’s long been an active and important member of the conservative Christian Social Union (csu), the sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (cdu). Up until March 2011, Guttenberg served in Merkel’s administration as Germany’s defense minister. Before that he was Germany’s minister for economics and technology. He was first elected a member of the Bundestag (Germany’s parliament) in 2002.
Three years ago, Karl-Theodor was the most popular politician in Germany—by a wide margin. Together, Guttenberg and his attractive, intelligent, articulate wife, Stephanie, were hailed as Germany’s “power couple,” the glamorous and bedazzling royal family of Germany, a political tour de force “that has rarely been seen in Germany with such striking power.” In Berlin and among the media, KT zu Guttenberg was seen as “chancellor in reserve,” the man who would inevitably replace Merkel at Germany’s helm.
Beyond all this, Guttenberg and his wife have an intriguing and captivating family heritage. Karl-Theodor, as we’ve noted before, belongs to a wealthy aristocratic family whose bloodlines have been traced as far back as 1158. In 1700, Guttenberg’s forefathers were conferred the title Baron of the Holy Roman Empire. Guttenberg is also related to the Hapsburgs, another prominent royal dynasty that has a rich history with the Holy Roman Empire. Even today, KT owns an impressive castle that sits high on a hill overlooking the village of Guttenberg, Bavaria. The lineage of Stephanie Gräfin von Bismarck-Schönhausen is equally as impressive. Guttenberg’s wife is the great-great-granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck, the father of the modern German state and the first chancellor in the history of modern Germany.
So, what happened to Karl-Theodor and Stephanie?
In March 2011 Guttenberg resigned from the Bundestag and as defense minister after it was discovered that he had plagiarized his doctoral thesis. The resulting melee was vicious and unrelenting. Guttenberg was bashed by the media for months, and long after his title had been removed and he’d been banished from politics. Although his crime was serious, the ferocity with which the German media attacked the aristocratic superstar was striking. In Germany, titles are respected and deeply valued. To come by a doctorate immorally, without truly earning it, is a capital sin. Even still there seemed to be something extra personal behind the media assault on Guttenberg.
Following his departure from public office, Guttenberg relocated with his family to Connecticut, where he joined the think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies under the title Distinguished Statesman. Guttenberg has also been an adviser to Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European Commission, on the issue of Internet freedom. It’s a lightweight job that doesn’t seem to have consumed too much time. When it comes to German politics, Guttenberg hasn’t held office since March 2011. He’s been disfellowshiped and appears to be a pariah. Meanwhile, the prevailing belief among many German pundits, it seems, is that Karl-Theodor zu Gutternberg’s career as a major and respected politician in Germany is over.
But we can also wonder if there’s another way of looking at this.
Was Guttenberg’s untimely departure from Germany’s political scene a blessing in disguise?
Guttenberg left public office just as Greece’s debt crisis was peaking and began forcing Germany and Europe into some divisive, deeply personal discussions. He left before unemployment in Europe became the time bomb it is today, and before the financial crises that now besiege Spain, Italy and France (and others) really set in. Guttenberg was gone before the war on Libya, before the Syria crisis, and before the recent German election. No politician in Germany or Europe has come through all this unscathed, their reputation intact, their political career secure and bright. There’s no doubt the plagiarism scandal hurt Guttenberg, but it also probably saved him from being wounded, perhaps fatally, in the crossfire of the past 2½ years. Meanwhile, it is becoming a distant memory.
Now, perhaps conditions are conducive to a major shift in public opinion on Karl-Theodor. Germans could easily be justified in believing the man is repentant, that he’s done penance for his mistakes, and that he deserves a second chance. Moreover, the need for his style of leadership is intensifying. Europe’s problems, financially and otherwise, are growing, and the Continent is demanding leadership from Merkel that she just doesn’t have. It’s the same inside Germany, where Merkel is seen to be holding the line, keeping the problems at bay, but not actually solving the issues. Merkel’s weaknesses will be increasingly exposed, which will only spotlight the need for a leader of Guttenberg’s heritage and caliber.
Meanwhile, Guttenberg has engaged in exactly the sort of PR campaign needed to develop his brand. He’s been cultivating friends in high places. Earlier this year, news reports surfaced of a meeting he had in the Black Forest with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. He remains close to Horst Seehofer, chairman of the csu. He has a direct line to the European Commission. No doubt he remains in contact with all sorts of important people in Berlin. He’s giving occasional speeches, both in America and in Europe.
He’s also weighing in on all the top news stories via articles in major news outlets. In August, it was a Financial Times article on Germany’s national elections. As the Syria crisis peaked and Germany seemed to waver, Guttenberg took to the New York Times to make the case for greater German leadership. This week, it was an article on German-American relations in the wake of what the German media has dubbed Merkelgate.
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg might have been banished from public office, but he hasn’t left the public eye,or escaped the public’s curiosity.
And now, political, financial and social conditions in Germany and Europe continue to create an intense demand for a strong, capable, inspiring, decisive leader who will actually lead Germany, and Europe, to a brighter, more hopeful place.
Whatever happens, keep an eye on Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. And don’t assume his absence from German politics means his political star is waning. To the contrary, it’s possible Guttenberg has employed a brilliant strategy that could well have put him in an ideal position for a political comeback.
We can for the moment watch and see what will become of him.

@ulaya..antichrist sa campaighn tiko i viji...nona party na fiji first


No discussion of false prophets is complete without mentioning "the antichrist".

Some churches believe in the coming of a sinister individual known as the "antichrist" who will mislead the Christians. Jesus never mentioned this and it is not found in the gospels. This idea was developed in the early church and is only mentioned in the letter of John written  at the end of the first century

One of the greatest problems in the early church was the appearance of the false teachers who denied  the human and the spiritual nature of Christ and created new sects.

John exposed these false teachers calling them antichrists. The word "antichrist" is only  mentioned in three passages in the Bible.

In 1 John 2:18, John tells us that there is not one but many antichrist: "Little children .....there are many antichrist".

In 1 John 4:1-3, John explains what the meaning is of antichrist and tells us that the antichrist was already in the world soon after the death of Jesus. "Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth  not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, wereof ye have heard  that it should come; and even now already is it in the world"

In  2 John1:7, John confirms again how we can recognize the antichrist is "Every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist".

vinaka..God Bless

Spot on Ratu. Well said. However various other Biblical verses refers to a single individual to arise in this end time and he will be killed by the returning Jesus Christ Himself as shown in Daniel 8:23-25 "And in their later time of their kingdom,when the transgression are come to the full,a king of fierce countenance,and understanding dark sentences,shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty,but not by his own power:and he shall destroy wonderfully,and shall prosper,and practise,and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand;and he shall magnify himself in his heart,and by peace shall destroy many:he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes;but he shall be broken without hand."

Just before the end of last year Karl Guttenberg took a swipe at Putin of Russia.This is just before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Since a kid I have always come across sermons and stories of a war mentioned in the Bible as the ARMAGEDDON and I believe we have all had our fair share of hearsay about Armageddon.
Well Vladmir Putin the president of Russia as a strong candidate to lead the Eastern hoerds that will amass 200 million military personnel into a war that will clash with the developing European Union.I have also mentioned Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg the former Defense Minister of Germany as possessing strong values that will make up the prophesied King of the North that will lead Germany and the European Union.At the moment a strong man of Europe is needed to fill up an important part of the Biblical jig-saw puzzle concerning prophecy unfolding before our very eyes.Karl-Theodore is strongly tipped to take up this position even though he is not in the world political scene at the moment.
Well at the end of last year signs of this future confrontation started to unfold.There it is, as expected and right on cue: A strongman from Europe, Germany to be precise, had responded with eloquence and force to the dramatic and belligerent antics of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strongman and a king of the east. Although the well-crafted riposte, delivered in the form of an opinion article at Time (“Putin Is Basking in an ‘Astonishing Leadership Vacuum’”), was polite and prudent, it was also uncompromising, candid and forceful. There was also an undeniable spirit of confrontation.
Time will tell, but this article could mark the opening bell of a dramatic,and prophetically significant,battle between two heavyweight world leaders.
Readers,you shouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to learn the author was Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Germany’s former defense minister is an individual long eyed and repeatedly identified as a likely candidate to be the prophesied strongman of Europe from a lot of Biblical study groups and societies.
It’s not insignificant that Guttenberg teamed up with Russian Garry Kasparov, a chess grandmaster and the former world chess champion, and an active critic and political opponent of Vladimir Putin. Sharing the byline with one of Putin’s most outspoken enemies was a symbolic gesture and gives the message added zing.
Russia’s president has gotten the message, no doubt about it.
Please consider that a few recent behavior of Putin especially in Ukraine,would arrest Europe’s attention, compel Europe to integrate, and result in the prophesied emergence of a strongman on the Continent.
Lately Putin’s behavior in Ukraine “rattled some European leaders to their core.” “America is sleeping through the Ukraine crisis. But Europe is deeply alarmed by what happened to this country that is right in its own neighborhood! The changes this crisis provokes in Germany and Europe will shake the nations! The Ukraine debacle has taken us a giant step closer to World War III”. “We need to watch Vladimir Putin closely. I believe he is almost certain to be the ‘prince of Rosh’ that God inspired Ezekiel to write about 2,500 years ago! We need to watch what is happening in Russia and how Europe responds to it. Daniel 11:44 talks about ‘tidings out of the east’ troubling Europe. Mr. Putin’s tactics in Ukraine, Georgia, the Middle East and elsewhere are already deeply troubling to Europe. If you study Moscow’s foreign policy under Putin’s leadership, it is plain that the ultimate goal is to eventually conquer the whole world. Europe is certainly aware of this goal and is closely watching its neighbor to the east.”
The belligerence of Vladimir Putin and Russia would act as a catalyst for the unification of Europe and the emergence of a strongman in Europe!
With these words in mind, consider some of the statements from Mr. Guttenberg.

Since Vladimir Putin’s official return to power in 2012, the Russian president seems to have set his mind on teaching the rest of the world a few simple lessons. First, that he shall not be underestimated on the international stage; second, that Moscow will keep reasserting control over what it considers to be its legitimate sphere of influence for Russia; and finally, that he shall do whatever he pleases at home. To convey his message, Putin has supported a murderous dictator, lectured the U.S. about multilateralism, blackmailed his neighbors into accepting Moscow’s ironfisted embrace, inflamed anti-American and anti-gay sentiments, and brutally cracked down on dissidents.
You have to admire Guttenberg’s candor and fearlessness. Unlike so many others, this man sees reality, accepts it, and isn’t afraid to talk about it openly and honestly. He understands human nature and the nature of geopolitics. Unlike America’s leaders, he also understands Russia and Vladimir Putin. His honesty has a refreshing appeal. “When it comes to the honorable title of Bully of the Year, the Russian president surely triumphed in 2013,” he wrote.
Guttenberg explains the central cause of Putin’s jingoism. “The primary reason for Putin’s self-aggrandizing behavior is the astonishing leadership vacuum in the world,” he says.
That is a direct criticism of America, the unambiguous world leader since 1989,and he is 100 percent right!
Guttenberg continued: “Washington’s recent preference (thanks to an incumbent Obama) to let other nations, including Russia, lead on international affairs has eroded the U.S.’s authority.” Russia’s return as an imperialist power is a direct and immediate function of America’s immoral and toothless foreign policy.
Guttenberg’s most profound,and telling,remarks concern Germany and Europe, and how the Continent needs to and is responding to Putin’s behavior. “A somewhat overlooked aspect of the contest over Ukraine is the role Berlin has played in it. Germany is the country that has often emphasized the importance of building bridges to Russia, and has come up with policies like ‘change through rapprochement.’ But by now, Putin’s zero-sum game mentality and hard power push have provoked even the otherwise not so confrontational German chancellor to take action”. He then noted a few practical ways in which Berlin has responded to the Kremlin’s incursion into Ukraine.
But notice the language and tense: Putin has already “provoked” a response from Germany!
Guttenberg continued: “While scoring a probably Pyrrhic victory, Putin has alienated an important partner. Ironically, he also achieved what no pleas from the U.S. president or fellow European leaders could do: Germany finally assumed leadership on a difficult foreign policy issue.”
Guttenberg’s invocation of the term “Pyrrhic victory” is interesting. A Pyrrhic victory is a triumph that comes with devastating cost, a victory in which the victor is injured so badly it ultimately ends with his defeat. Guttenberg, it seems, believes there will be fatal consequences for Putin and Russia. When you read between the lines of that statement, one might conclude Guttenberg was actually delivering a warning to Putin. Something akin to, “your actions will come with a heavy price.” You can be sure that statement won’t be lost on Putin!
Sometimes it’s difficult, at least from our vantage point outside of the halls of power, to know precisely how Europe is reacting to Russia’s rise, or what conversations Putin’s actions have inspired inside Europe. It’s hard to ascertain exactly how Germany and Europe are reacting to Russia’s rise. This makes Mr. Guttenberg’s response so significant and informative. This man is close to Europe’s decision-makers and he’s telling us that Europe has taken notice and is responding.
“As for Europe,” he wrote, “it finally seems to recognize that it needs to be capable of taking care of its own neighborhood. The frozen conflicts in the post-Soviet space have been ignored for far too long. Why did it take a war in Georgia to realize that Tbilisi required more assistance from Europe?” Europe, according to Guttenberg, is now awake to the threat posed by Russia. Get this: “Russia’s behavior toward Ukraine might hand Europe an opportunity to become more united and effective in its foreign policy.”
This is exactly what Bible prophecy says will happen!
I’ve danced only through the highlights of Guttenberg’s piece. You need to read the whole thing for yourself. And after you’ve read it,watch my former post on Vladmir Putin in order to tie some loose ends. It’s not just the content of Guttenberg’s article that is remarkable,it’s the timing as well!
Mr. Guttenberg concluded his article with a question: “How will the EU and the U.S. react to the,probably inevitable,rise of the Russian people? Let us hope they are not too meek to stand up for the universal values on which they were founded.” It’s classic Guttenberg: eloquent, polite and diplomatic, seemingly non confrontational and free of drama. But read between the lines; think on the message. Those are fighting words. It’s essentially a BATTLE CRY to America and Europe to “stand up” and confront Vladimir Putin. Bible prophecy says America won’t listen. But Europe will,and already is!

Remember the above interview took place before Russia invaded Ukraine so we can see that this man was already vocal then and surely doesn't mince his words.Surely European think tanks has already put him on their list!

sorry no offence..oca tale na wiliwili..rau sa veicalati saraga na ulu-taga ni veitalanoa kei na copy and paste..

The message is clear Bogi....it is talking about a man who i believe will wreak havoc the world over and affect each and everyone of us in every way.Even from outside he is already flexing his muscles.The idea here is time is short and simply there is no time to pick out on the loose pieces because you shouldn't be concerned about the mailman but that you are getting this  right message at the right time to stir your interest in the Bible.

sorry to say..if one has to google that man..he is a Christian, if im correct they had breakaway from the Catholic church to form their own faith..this was establish way back in the 1940s...he is not the anti Christ..vinaka




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