I can't bare the thought one day a Fijian child will be asked, where are you from, and the answer will be somehting like : EPA, Sacramento, Redwood City, Santa Rosa, San Francisco,LA ...etc.
So, I would like everyone from the Island of Vanua Balavu with in this group, to at least mention their village and what ever history it has, to be shared with our next genration on this page.

For you readers please forgive us for any misspelt names and mistaken roots with in our group. But, your suggestions and corrections are very welcome!


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malo-a-bula kece... hey nei'afu.... isa, can u pls 4give 4 not being hia while the xchange of words were done, it's jst i've been very busy & was not able to come hia as often as i wud like 2....

BUT i thank u Richard, Sawana 2 the Blood, Nei'afu, Kakua, & others 4 puttin her in her rite place..... we are so lucky 2 have such loyal members who will fight 4 the truth & protect our history....

Once again malo vakalevu.... & let's move forward & forget abt wat had happened....

Luv u all...
Thanks for joining the site and Yes, you are very welcome and I hope you will enjoy your stay.......Enjoy! Lookoing forward to hearing from you more and pictures , yes please,!!!!

Malo and Ofa'atu!!!
Bula to all, THanks for the wonderful comment.
ylei, keta sa na maleka a sara i taba mai vei Mereadanii after the visit 2 the village.... well, hia's 2 wishing u 2 having a gud time.... & hopin 2 go 2 this xmas, but i will hav 2 wait n c... laurai mada na livi e rawa se sega... lol
bula vinaka to every one on this site ,well my name is Manupaea im the youngest daughter of Samuela Tuinabua and Mele Folau Kovi thus the kai Vanubalavu botoboto...my Ta is from Lomaloma[Naturuku and so is my Na]but the Tongan influence of my grandmother cant be missed in my family,Nau Hola probably the oldest Tongan we have left in Sawana.....well i've been from site to site ,even created one myself BUT THIS ONE I MUST SAY IS ONE OF A KIND...........and for Richard good job but i feel that speaking to your kids in Fijian is always a good start i speak in English to communicate with the general public because its standard practice in our society today........but to my kids it Vanubalavu to the last word............cause you can tell where one comes from by how they speak....."if you have and American twist then you probably came from America" keitou mada ga a vei talanoa tiko i keta sa veitalanoa tu ga vaka palagi...........is it because your Fijian is a little rusty anyways vinaka vaka levu a veinanumi ena ulutaga ni vei talanoa i.....
malo-a-bula Manupaea & welkum.

well i guess the main purpose 4 us 2 communicate in English is because our kaivata's n vasu's 2 r proud 2 b called a kai Vanuabalavu but they dont understand Fijian, or let alone the dialect 4rm the island itself..... &, we dont wanna exclude or discourage them 4rm joinin this group so it's up 2 u 2 either speak in ur mother tongue or use the common lingo that we all understand....

Malo Bula..have just joined the Vanua Balavu Group..very exciting...am from Malaka in the Tikina of Mualevu...my Dad is Tomu Cama who mum Atelaite is from Daliconi...my grandmother (who is my namesake) is the eldest child of Lili Tagici & Jese Pareti...Lili Tagici is the 2nd eldest child of Viliame Fonolahi & Setaita Wea Miller...both Tongans who lived in Sawana...i have a first cousin Evisake Cama who then married Faiwa Wainiqolo (they are 3rd cousins)...they have 4 children and live in Sawana....Faiwa's Dad, Momo Takai just passed away a couple of week's ago in Suva, so we had to go for the reguregu...aside from the occasion being a sad one, we (Nau Lili's decendants) had the opportunity to meet up with Nau Qolikoro's decendants...so let's hope and cross our fingers that a big famili reunion may be up for discussions in the near future...thanks for this Richard...i am assuming from your name you are also Nau Qolikoro's grandson??? thanks again..
Thanks for the comment s...I have add you as a friend. I will invite u over to the Heilala grp...ok..Yes, I am Bubu Qolikoros grandson!
Kiaora, I am a kiwi. my great great grandmother was Minnie Blake, the youngest sister of Elenoa Blake. Elenoa married Anare Miller as his second wife, and was the mother of Setaita Wea Miller.
I would love to find out more about the Blake family who lived at Vanua Balavu. As Richard want kids to know more about their island and their villages, so I want to know more about the islands and the villages where my relatives lived in both Fiji and Tonga. There must be great stories about these people, held in the moemories of the old people. May be there are even graves there. sorry I cannot speak Tongan or Fijian.
Yes, Don....nice to hear from you. I am the great grandson of Setaita Wea Miller and the grandson of Lusiana Qolikoro whom is the daughter of Setaita W Miller. My Father was the youngest son of Lusiana Qolikoro. Anyways, you may or maynot visited the The Blakes of Fiji-Tonga-Samoa & Rest of the World group site. They have more connections stories posted there. I now reside in the States and have been here since 1986. Thanks to this site that I have put together pieces to complete most of the puzzles that have been missing. I am the only one in my family that havnt set foot on the Island of Vanua Balavu, let a lone Sawana ( my village),,thats another long story. Our group, Heilala has more to offer and you may have read about more towards this topic there too,....otherwise thats another group you need to join and read more into the Blake roots. GoodLuck and hope to catch up with you later. Sorry, havent much to offer at the meantime.


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