I can't bare the thought one day a Fijian child will be asked, where are you from, and the answer will be somehting like : EPA, Sacramento, Redwood City, Santa Rosa, San Francisco,LA ...etc.
So, I would like everyone from the Island of Vanua Balavu with in this group, to at least mention their village and what ever history it has, to be shared with our next genration on this page.

For you readers please forgive us for any misspelt names and mistaken roots with in our group. But, your suggestions and corrections are very welcome!


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Sereana I am sure that I heard also that Natokalau,Cicia was also connected to my yavusa Yaro in Mualevu...its interestin cos there is a yavusa Yaro in Totoya thats related to Mualevu...Yaros ...and a connection rite to Moala which is how I am closely related to the Draunidalo family of Moala.The surname Tuilomas,are from Mualevu n Lomaloma n I believe is connected to Tubou as well.
As we all know that all of Lau is RELATED that is why its good to treasure these ties and value them.
Richard: I had learnt that your dad's home in Sawana is called Dravuwalu and the reason being that the builders came from Dravuwalu in Totoya esp to build the home.
Bula, My name is Keresi Tabua, gone ni Mualevu...................Yeah, Hi Nei Kakua...O kesi ga qo........
Point well taken, But ,I guess you didnt read the fine prints,,,,...even though they were bold!!!!

"For you readers please forgive us for any misspelt names and roots with in our group. But, your suggestions and corrections are very welcome!"

And may I add............... that I reserve the right, thank you!
The true gentleman is one who has been fashioned after the highest models...his qualities depend not on fashion or manners but upon moral worth--not on personal possessions but upon personal qualities..have a great day!!!
I'm not elaborating this issue, to cause hatred, mis-inform or distort but rather to clarify. YES.... YES... YES...Sawana is highly involved in the selection of the Tui Lau title. It recommends it to the yavusa Vuanirewa who will then proceed upon their approval on the detail of installation.

Reasons for Sawana's sacred responsibilty:

1.) There was never a Tui Lau before Ma'afu. He came about with the title after conquest, being the powerful Tongan Prince. Since the people of Sawana are the remnants of Ma’afu’s infamous warriors, they will defend the sanctity of that title and all procedures pertaining to it. Therefore, the title Tui Lau, according to history (with all due respect to the Vuanirewa clan) was never a Vuanirewa title.

2.) With Ma’afu being the FIRST Tui Lau, the then Tui Cakau, gave Vanuabalavu as a present to Ma’afu for the alliance TOVATA between Ma’afu and his warriors and the vanua of Cakaudrove.

3.) Sawana is the only village in Lau that the cavuti is: “vakaturaga ki vua na Turaga na Tui Lau” cause He is the head of the Yavusa Tonga, and chiefly residence of Loto’a.

This brings another important point, that the Tui Lau has jurisdiction for the whole entire Lau Group. The Tui Nayau (with all due respect to the sacred title), on the hand has jurisdiction only in Lakeba and the “vakataukata” (all the rest of the Lau group excluding Yasayasa Moala). Ma’afu’s title united Lau under one umbrella to include Vanuabalavu and Yasayasa Moala. That is history fact.

I think it sounds ridiculous to see the isolation that sounded more like a slur: “Kai Tonga” and “their false pride”. I think it would be fair to say that at least ¾ of the Lau group have a drop of Tongan blood that is so conspicuous that you can often mistake a lot of Lauans as Samoans or Tongas.

You will also notice that in Lauan gathering, it is now an adopted culture of Lau to wear the waist mat “ta’ovala” as a mark respect of the Tui Lau/Tui Nayau and the chiefs of Lau. This is not Fijian by the way.

Lauans beginning with Lakeba love to perform Lakalaka and with full Tongan attire that was worn with pride as being a Lauan. Certain aspects of Tongan tradition is obviously practiced in Lau, the funeral attire, wedding attire to mention the least. It would be therefore silly to say “Kai Tonga” raqaraqa with false pride, because, I don’t know about you Katalina, but apart from Sawana alone, I think a lot of Lauans are proud of their Tongan connection.

I agree with Richard, your comment insulted the chiefly children of the late Tui Lau, as they have deep rooted links to Sawana not only through the late Tui Lau, but also the late Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi.

So to Katalina, please take your silly remarks for other groups, cause this group is especially for Kai Vanuabalavu and the vasus and anybody connected, and you sound like somebody who does not qualify for the criterion. You are free to start your own group and maybe discuss your anti-Tongan/Sawana message there because we have other better and constructive things to talk about.

Sa Malo 
I guess (not surprisingly) you missed the point... end of discussion.
A cava era dau kaya a qase," Vakasaga Ya! Ko Boka Ya!!

Isa, is this the same Katalina I know, cause the one I met was a very nice women from Tubou and married a Tongan man here in the states, whom helped her and her son with their legal status here in the States.....this one has no respect for any Tongans...etc!!!

Very childish, I should say and you donnt want me to go there (elaborate), belive me.

********After what you had said," Hell no!!, I wasnt your friend and I will not be your friend ever!" But I forgive you and I hope you learn from your mistakes, take care.
Richard, this woman has no respect nor class to further comment the way she is doing! I am da REAL TONGAN here and will not take any negative remarks especially being made directly to us Tongans..she better watch her mouth or else TEU HANGA 'O TA KE SIKO E TALAUSESE! (u guys find ur own translators) Who does she think she is? She bloody better watch her back or else she'll be put in our next lovo together with the horse we are gonna eat! haha! luv to all the Sawanas out there esp. my humble husband who is a full blown Sawana boy! I got ur back babe!
Got that right,,,,,,,,!! Ou'a, ou'a, na faifai pe,ka toe mate a taha!!!. LOL! Ta'u ka'a taki pe ke la'hi.

Malo and Ofa'atu!
Mo'oni ho'o lau Richard..teu fkmolemole pe bcoz of you! ya know! hooii fkpiko e lea kihe kau nobodys! lahi e lea! toe si'i keu tala kihe kainga ka nau 'alu atu 'o vaku !! loi pe ia Richard! 'ofa lahi atu for all the hard work you are doing..and it's a marvelous one too! You are our pride and joy and my kids will grow up learning more of where their Nena is from and all it's beauty! hooiii..ok..better go now and lotu and fktomala! hooiii! luv ya!
Richard..don't waste your saliva on her comments! So..how was your day? How's work going on for you? Sure hope you are having a great day like I am! The weather is beautiful and the birds are chirping...sa yawa! we can talk about more fruitful topics than having to follow up on rubbish and septic waste! Let's not allow Satan to spoil our day! Shhhooooo evil...stay away! Our Father..who art in Heaven..hallowed be thy name..yea.. you who is reading this..can finish the Lord's prayer with us while we combat Satan and his armies of evil soldiers!..'ofa atu to all the BEAUTIFUL TONGANS OUT THERE AND ALL THE SAWANA SEXY PEOPLE!! URO !!!
Yes, we'll do indeed. Shall not waste more then we already did..........thanks for moving us forward.....amen!


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