Food is necessary for our growing & this includes the 3 main meal times - BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER - to quench our thirst & hunger every day.

These are just some questions that you would like to answer or elaborate on FOOD, who doesn't need it???? lol... lol.... & pics are most welcome.
1. What's your favourite meal time????
2. What's your favourite food & drink???
3. Do you have the recipes??? Kum-on & share it with us.
4. Away from home, what do you miss the most???
5. Do you know of any small catering group that needs exposure??? or can be hired???

Anything about Food & Drinks are most welcome on this thread....

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Ok, let me start it off first.....

Since am off kava & drinks, well guess what??? I woke up early this morning & prepared breakfast & this is what we had......

Babakau & a hot cup tea..... yummmm!!!!
Yummy.... Sa vo ga ike e dua na bilo draunimoli katakata.
Tanks tau Sylvia, dat's exactly what this thread is all about. anything & everything about food & drinks.

I have the recipe 4 making Babakau sumwea.... i will have 2 locate it 1st & then will put it up in hia later on...
1.dinner time ,get toenjoy with my family
2.fav fd- mana
fav drink - coke
3.lots of recipes what you looking 4 in particular?
4.mums carrot cake
recipe 4 babakau??? actualy, i do have it, but it's jst a matter of locatin it... lol...
dou mai somi tea, kaiei a saparaki ni Vanuabalavu wit a hot cuppa.... lol

malo vakalevu yawalapiti...

n ur contact naba???? or do u have email which people could contact u thru' if they require ur services....
1. Dinner or Sunday Lunch because the whole family sits together to eat.

2. Ika vakamiti with either Ota sovusovu or Lalabe and Tavioka or Dalo. -Ika me Ogo, Mama se Vilu, vakaloma vinaka - Vudi vakasoso. (or any sasalu ni badlands if it is in season) Favorite drink - fresh lemon juice

3. I call this the economical meal - Grilled Baigani Vakasoso

Get some Jumbo Baigani, garlic, onions, tomatoes, cooking oil, carrot, 3 eggs, salt, tinned tuna, fresh thick coconut cream (loba soko)

a) Slice Baigani lengthwise not too thickly

b) in a bowl or small basin prepare a batter - eggs, some grated garlic, onions & salt to taste.

c) in a separate bowl, mix together tuna, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, rest of grated garlic, grated carrots and salt to taste

d) heat a frying pan or skillet, dip the sliced baigani into the egg batter and fry to brown both sides, Take out and drain on clean towel or napkin repeat until finished.

e) line your fried baigani onto a baking tray or grilling tray, spoon the mixture of tuna on top the baigani repeat until all have been filled.

f) pour your lolo soko over the lined baigani and put under the grill to brown.

Serve with Tavioka dada!!!

4. I live at home so I do not really miss much of the local foods!

5. Yes I do - if anyone needs them contact me!

Adi Ma - you just prepared one of my favorite i coi ni ti - na saparaki ni Vanua Balavu - me vaka Jaina!!!!!!!
isa Reapi, da kaya meta veivolekati, me yaco a veisureti ka ta mai tali magi2 takina vata a coi ni tea iei... & guess wat, am gonna go & try out the Grilled Baigani vakasoso u've put up in hia.... well, my favourite food is Baigani - any style, wether it's tavu, fried, curried, wateva it is, if it has baigani in it, ya sa noqu siga-ni-sucu saraga.... will tell u the result next wik & tanks so much 4 da recipe....
lol - e keda e da se tu ga ena tabana ni veitalanoa ni kana se va'evei??? Tell me how it turned out!!!
dina saraga lewa, kana ga me ta pula.... hihihi

anywayz, i did get 2 make that dish over the wknd, coz i spent Fj day @ cawa chapel - vakasobuduru & on sat did a spring cleaning in my houz, so, i didnt have time.... but i will tell u wen i do get down 2 it.... i jst cant wait 4 dat time... lol... lol... ylei, jst the thot of it makes my mouth watery alredi.... yah!!!
You are soooooo welcome!!!!




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